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How to improve sales productivity with go-to-market alignment

July 22, 2022 | 4 min read

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Only 6% of chief sales officers are confident they’ll hit their numbers. Sales is more difficult than ever – in the digital-first era, sales reps get fewer opportunities to engage buyers, so they need to make every interaction count.


Seismic will help you optimize your GTM alignment to forge a stronger future

Maximizing buyer engagement starts with sales and marketing alignment. According to Marketo, sales and marketing teams are 67% more effective at closing deals when they work together.

Alignment ensures that the revenue engine is well-positioned to face the inevitable changes to business. It is the cornerstone of sales productivity. To ensure alignment, you need to have a systematic way to enable your go-to-market (GTM) teams to work together.

Sales and marketing alignment is built on a common understanding and shared definition with regards to what they need to achieve to best serve customers. Collaboration between sales and marketing leadership allows both teams to set a joint strategy and determine the steps their teams will take to achieve it.

For example, if your organization’s pipeline target is $20m, sales and marketing leaders can determine where and who to target, what messages would be suitable, how best to position their company’s value adds, as well as more tactical aspects on how many leads need to be generated, how to follow up on leads, and how to improve conversions to get to revenue faster.

When GTM teams collaborate to build customer journeys, they can improve productivity by implementing regimented processes. When marketers create content for each stage of the buyer journey, sales reps can share the right content at the right time and keep deals moving forward.

Done right, GTM alignment is a gamechanger. Download this ebook from Seismic to discover how to optimize your GTM alignment to forge a stronger future:

Business Leadership B2B Marketing Marketing

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