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White Claw cool pad mural invites sweaty Londoners to chill


By John Glenday | Reporter

July 19, 2022 | 2 min read

Hard seltzer brand White Claw has devised an off-the-wall solution for pedestrians wishing to keep cool during the hottest day on record with an icy out-of-home (OOH) activation.

White Claw

The White Claw mural features built-in cooling pads

‘The Wall of Cool’ does what it says on the tin by offering some respite from the relentless heat by adapting a mural. The cool blue depiction of ice and waves, drawn in heat-proof paint, hides a chilly secret in the form of built-in cooling pads.

The brand has invited the public to shed body heat by getting up close and personal to the Shoreditch installation.

White Claw spokesperson Michael Dean said: “With record-breaking temperatures, we wanted to give Londoners a much-needed moment of light refreshment on this scorching day. What better way to cool them down than with a White Claw in hand and a billboard that will absorb all heat?”

Lee Sanders of creative agency Welcome to Frank added: “Throughout these hot days we’ve all yearned for a moment of respite from the heat so it was great to create a media that solved an issue – a sweaty one at that – but still had White Claw’s core values at the heart of it.”

The temporary installation will relieve sweaty Londoners for two weeks, with the brand recommending that key hot spots such as the forehead and wrists be pressed against the wall for maximum relief.

The UK is one of five markets to form the frontline of White Claw’s global attack strategy.

Work & Wellbeing Creative Works White Claw

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