By Hannah Bowler | Senior Reporter

July 19, 2022 | 2 min read has rolled out a bizarre new brand platform that aims to make confusion entertaining.

Its latest TV ad campaign, by Accenture Song, asks everyday confusing questions, such as, “Is a hot dog a sandwich?” and “Why do we struggle to walk on a broken escalator?”

The first in a series of 30-second ads poses the question: “Why did we start keeping money inside pigs?” Produced by Riff Raff and directed by Vedran Rupic, the spot tells the ‘historical’ story of a thief who hides his stolen gold in a real pig.

The TV ads are voiced by social media comedian Adrian Bliss and use’s existing musical riff. Running alongside the TV is a set of radio, social and digital ads that kick off simultaneously on July 18.

Accenture Song has also created a fresh set of brand graphics with a thought bubble made out of the brand’s logo, which will feature throughout the campaign.

Sam Day,’s chief marketing officer, said the team wanted to “create something that proves to consumers that it’s okay to be confused if it leads you to clarity, with a platform that really brings this to life.“

“With the insurance market as competitive as it is, the thought of shopping around can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. And that’s ultimately why we’re here – to bring that clarity,“ he added.’s new direction was also the inspiration for its sponsorship of ITV’s Emmerdale, which features a set of soap-related confusions. Accenture Song produced the idents, which ask: “Do dogs on TV know they’re famous?“; “How do they cast the sheep?“; and “Why are there so many murderers in one village?“

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