By John Glenday | Reporter

July 12, 2022 | 2 min read

Burger King is playing its part to ensure everyone enjoys the summer to the fullest – in and out of its restaurants – by asking patrons to use skin protection to avoid looking like a flame-grilled Whopper.

Extolling customers to ‘Enjoy summer like a king. Don’t joke with your skin,’ the fast-food brand is warning of the inherent risks of prolonged exposure of unprotected skin to the sun.

Coinciding with the school summer holidays, the campaign warns of the dangers of sunburn in children by including tattoo transfers in all King Junior children’s menus. The stickers bear the words: ‘It’s even better when grilled with a flame.’

When exposed to direct sunlight a hidden message reveals itself, warning the wearer to seek out protection with the addendum: ‘But you’re not a Whopper. Protect your skin.’

To hammer home this messaging, the brand has installed handy sunscreen dispensers at selected restaurants in Belgium to ensure patrons have no excuse for burned skin.

Developed by Buzzman, the campaign will run across Burger King’s Belgian outlets and social networks.

Burger King is focused on keeping its famous Whopper burgers front and center this summer after trolling outgoing prime minister Boris Johnson with its too many ‘Whoppers’ stunt.

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