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Unapologetically creative: The Chip Shop Awards 2022 winners revealed


By The Drum, Editorial

June 30, 2022 | 7 min read

The winners of this year’s Chip Shop Awards have been revealed.

chip shop winners

The Chip Shop Awards 2022 winners

The Drum Chip Shop Awards is a celebration of creativity without limits. No matter whether the entered ads really ran or not, this is a platform where anything and everything is allowed – an awards show with no rules and no boundaries, where the creative possibilities are endless.

It should therefor be noted that The Chip Shop Awards entries do not reflect the views, policies or strategies of any organization.

The Grand Prix went to Gusto for Heinz for the 'Perfect 365 Days of the Year' campaign. It also won in the 'Ad most likely to cause a riot, best use of bad taste and best video' categories. Check out the work below.

Miami Ad School Berlin was awarded the Chair’s Award for its take on tackling uterus cancer. ’Natural Test’ is a fictitious product that aims to solve the problem of testing to detect the human papillomavirus (HPV), which causes uterus cancer.

Natural Test sanitary pads allow individuals to identify HPV during menstruation.

Natural Test

The Drum’s editor-in-chief Gordon Young also awarded his personal favorite a Chip. This went to Fred and Farid Los Angeles for an ad that actually ran.

Most life insurance brands attempt to appeal to families with cheesy, overly sweet messaging. But as a family-owned startup with a minimal media budget, Ladder Life Insurance could not afford to fly under the radar with a typical approach. The brand recognized a truth – when one family member signs up for a really great life insurance plan, the rest of the family playfully jokes about killing the policy holder.

Below, we round up the campaigns that won at the Chip Shop Awards 2022, which took place at The Drum Labs in Shoreditch on June 30.

Ad most likely to cause a riot, best use of bad taste and best video

’Perfect 365 Days of the Year’ by Gusto for Heinz

Best video

’Settlements (Favelas)’ by Inbrax for Techno Latam

Best political

’The Conservatives, Party’ by AllGood for Labour

the conservatives

Covid recovery campaign, ad or experience

’We Keep Going’ by Fred and Farid LA for JCDecaux

Best shop window post card

’Brace Yourself’ by Stein IAS

Brace yourself

Best Stunt or Experience

’Where are we going?’ by Merkle UK One for Alzheimer’s Research UK


Best ad without a visual

Radley Yeldar for Unilever


Best corporate identity

’Ikyiv’ by Ride Shotgun for Ikea


Best press

’Learn the Easy Way’ by Haygarth for Duolingo


Editor-in-chief Award

Fred and Farid for Ladder Life

Best digital

’The Free Speech Update’ by Miami Ad School for Berlin Adobe

Best leisure

’Local Passport’ by BBD Perfect Storm for Trip Advisor

Local Passport

Best use of honesty

’They’re Not Coming Home’ by Electric House for Amnesty International

They're Not Coming Home

Covid Awareness Campaign, Ad or Experience

’Idiotisk: The Self-Assembly Coffin’ by TMW Business for Ikea


Best education

’A Pen for their ’Mistakes’’ by University for the Creative Arts for Bic

A Pen for their 'Mistakes'

Best fake news

’Sandwich Crisps: The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread’ by Splendid Communications for Walkers Crisps


Best ad without a headline

’Stick Together’ by Momentum Worldwide for Lego

Stick Together

Best Outdoor

’I’ve only had a couple…’ by DA Creative Studio for Think!

I've Only had a couple

Chair Award

’The Natural Test’ by Miami Ad School

Natural Test

Best vandalism of existing ad

’Unmoldy the Whopper’ for CLR Mold and Mildew Remover


Best health

’Itty Titty Stickies’ by Grey London for Superdrug

Best food and drink

’Rewards for those who wait’ by Merkle UK One for Guinness

Guiness food and drink

Best Charity

’The Fading Photobooth’ by Alzheimer’s Research UK for M&C Saatchi London


Best social

’Timeline Tipp-Ex’ by BBD Perfect Storm for Tipp-Ex


Best ad from the future

’1%’ by Fred and Farid LA for Fridays for Future

Best retail

’Breast Cancer Awareness Month’ by Pace Communications for Wonderbra


Best ad that really should run (that hasn’t)

’Failed Diversity Quotas’ by Grey London for NHS Blood & Transplant

Ad which shouldAd which shouldAd which should

Best parody

’The Stalking’ by Umault

Best professional services

’Google Corporate Translate’ by Krow.x for Google

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