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Pride Brand Strategy Diversity and Inclusion

Inside Tinder India’s guide on gender identities

By Amit Bapna, APAC editor-at-large

June 28, 2022 | 4 min read

The Drum speaks with Aahana Dhar, director of communications India, Tinder, to find out why it is embracing LBGTQ+ narratives in its marketing campaigns, content and stories.


Tinder launches its new Pride-month initiative in India

Tinder, the leading dating and networking site, has launched India-first initiative ‘Let’s Talk Gender,’ which is a guide and glossary developed to encourage conversations around various facets of gender identity and fluidity.

The microsite is based on the lived experiences of members of the community. It has been launched in partnership with Gaysi Family, a media platform and safe zone for the community first formed in 2008.

Why recognizing non-binary identities is critical

Speaking to The Drum, Dhar says: “As a platform, we want to tell our members that everyone is welcome on Tinder.” This includes embracing and inclusion of all genders, and also positioning the site as a safe space for members to form new connections and be better allies, she adds.

Taking a cue from the 50+ gender identities and nine sexual orientations available on the Tinder app, this curated glossary was developed with the LGBTQ+ community.

Tinder was the first dating app in 2016 to empower its members to identify themselves beyond the binary by giving them the opportunity to identify other than male or female.

Walking the talk

The microsite, for instance, explains what the binary is, why it can be limiting, the importance and use of pronouns and what a partner’s queerness means for someone who is dating them, along with answers to frequently asked questions and curiosities.

Sakshi Juneja, co-founder, Gaysi Family, says: “The way we understand and experience gender is evolving, and the only way to stay abreast of it is to keep having these conversations – not just within the community, but in wider social spaces.”

Dhar adds: “This living glossary, developed by experts, provides a personal understanding of identity and brings us closer to having a world where everyone can have complete autonomy over their choices and self-expression.”

Indian Tinder members will see in-app cards on Tinder highlighting the ‘Let’s Talk Gender’ guide, which they can click on to explore the glossary.

The business case for Tinder’s inclusive narrative

Dhar continues: “‘Let’s Talk Gender’ is part of Tinder India’s commitment to continue creating an inclusive dating environment that is accessible for everyone.”

With more than half of Tinder’s members globally being 18-25 years old, and as the most fluid of any generation ever, there is a compelling business case for Tinder to go diverse in its initiatives.

Tinder’s LGBTQ+ member base has grown at twice the rate of its overall membership and, as per the data, non-binary is the number one ‘more genders’ choice in the app.

As the world becomes more aware, Tinder has also been busy evolving its playbook with such catgeory-building initiatives in its ongoing journey toward inclusion.

Pride Brand Strategy Diversity and Inclusion

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