By Audrey Kemp | Junior Reporter

June 27, 2022 | 3 min read

Amid a burgeoning era of period positivity, some people still feel uncomfortable discussing the impact of menstruation on their day-to-day lives. Midol’s latest campaign, ‘The Real Reason,’ aims to change that.

Only about half of people who menstruate today find it socially acceptable to cancel a social or academic obligation due to period symptoms, according to Midol. The survey was conducted by Morning Consult on behalf of Midol's parent company, Bayer Consumer Health.

An extension of the ‘Comfort is Power’ campaign launched earlier this year, ‘The Real Reason: A Social Experiment’ spotlights people of various ages and genders who learn how to be honest about why they’re canceling plans or missing class or work. Instead of using a more conventional excuse, like "food poisoning,” they admit to being on their period. Ultimately, the menstruators portrayed learn to be unapologetically honest about how 'that time of the month' affects them.

View the full video here.

“Midol is working to reinforce that there is no shame in talking about period symptoms and, more importantly, in speaking out when they strike. We want menstruators to feel the power in addressing their needs and the even greater power that comes from knowing their community will support them when they do,” Kelly Fanning, vice president of pain at Bayer Consumer Health US said in a statement. “Our hope is this campaign helps normalize the conversation around period symptoms and help menstruators realize that speaking and acting on your period truth is powerful.”

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A majority of Midol’s recent campaigns have pushed to eradicate the stigma surrounding menstrual cycles. Last year, the brand aimed to put an end to period apologies with its campaign ‘No Apologies. Period.’

“As menstruators, we feel pressure to hide or make excuses for our periods. For anyone who has experienced the debilitating and annoying period symptoms, they are not something you can just easily push through and ignore,” said gynecologist and Midol partner Dr Charis Chambers. “This social experiment showcases the modern reality menstruators face and society’s reaction to the real reasons for needing a break. I’m honored to support Midol in creating a world where menstruators aren’t embarrassed of their bodies and feel the need to minimize period symptoms. Together we are celebrating the power in actively and unapologetically owning your period and seeking the relief you need.”

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