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Relationships Future of TV ITV

ITV aims to break down taboos with docu-drama premiered on OnlyFans


By John Glenday, Reporter

June 22, 2022 | 3 min read

ITV culture brand Woo is lifting the lid on what gen Z relationships look like by premiering a docu-drama exclusively on OnlyFans for 24 hours before it’s released on its streaming service.


Life in Love will premiere on OnlyFans for 24 hours before its wider release

Life in Love chronicles three relationships in three parts as the centerpiece of Woo’s burgeoning OnlyFans’ profile, home to a daily mix of video, editorial and other content.

Aiming to progress beyond raw carnal desires and surface a more nuanced picture of sex, gender and diversity in the 21st century, the documentary, filmed by 24-year-old Abel Rubinstein, shares the intimate details of gregarious couples keen to throw open their bedroom doors.

Rubenstein said: “The advice I’ve always been given is to make what you want to watch. So this collection of love stories is filled with real tales of sex work, kink dungeons, abandoned houses and, underneath the bravado, an unfiltered portrayal of young love.”

Ravi Amaratunga Hitchcock, creative director (video) at Large, Woo, added: “It’s no longer a case of finding the right partner, settling down and starting a family. We’re talking about a generation who love to bend and question and rip up the rule book of sexuality entirely – we wanted to explore that through the lens of intimacy.”

Each episode will focus on a different set of lovers, from a queer couple whose relationship is built on sex and lust to the challenges of pairing up with an asexual partner via the bowels of a BDSM sex dungeon.

The unlikely pairing of ITV and OnlyFans follows efforts by the latter to court creators beyond its traditional strengths in porn.

Relationships Future of TV ITV

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