How Techo Latam tricked South America into believing Settlements film was real to drive donations

By Awards Analyst | The Drum Awards

June 20, 2022 | 3 min read

Techo Latam and Inbrax won Most Effective Promotion of The Year at The Drum Awards for Marketing 2022. Here, we find out more about what went into this successful project...

The brief

Techo Latam exists to overcome poverty in Latin America and end settlements (favelas). The non-profit organization had never carried out an online collection. These were always carried out physically, which involved complex logistics co-ordination, operating costs and managing diffusion in different media.

Techo Latam decided on a challenge to raise the same amount online as a traditional campaign would, which is usually $50,000 in a single day. It would also do so with the same budget – $500 per country (Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Peru).

In addition, this online collection had to achieve the same KPIs of a traditional campaign for Techo Latam, which meant reaching 5 million people on social media, 1.5m visits to its website and 10,000 interactions on social media.

The idea

Its strategy was to launch a ’film’ about the settlements, with trailers by Latin American film directors showing the reality of life there. It then sold tickets to the screening, which required moviegoers to head to Once there, they were informed the film did not exist and their ’seat’ was in fact a contribution to Techo Latam.

The general audience was defined as people from Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Brazil and Peru with an interest in cinema who can make an online donation. Within this audience, men and women aged between 25 and 35 were targeted, which according to research is the group that concentrates the largest amount of online donations (61%) and is the segment that consumes the most cinema and audio-visual content in the region.

The results

Within a month of the campaign there were over 2.7m visits to the website throughout Latin America (81% over the target), with 10 million+ people reached on social media (108% over the target) and more than $100,000 raised (100% over the target). The trailer also saw 974,790 seconds of playback and 17, 878 interactions across the community.

This campaign was a winner at The Drum Awards for Marketing 2022. You can see all the winners here.

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