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How Nestlé Indonesia improved creative efficiency and campaign performance


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June 17, 2022 | 3 min read and Nestlé Indonesia won the Most Effective use of Data or Insights category at The Drum Awards for Marketing 2022. Here, we find out more about what went into their successful project...

Nestlé Indonesia reduced its production costs by 99% and improved performance by 91.5% (display) and 28% (video) by building over 5,000 tailored creative variants across five audiences, two live targeting signals and three channels.

The brief

Nestlé Indonesia was looking for a bespoke creative master template to build out multiple variations efficiently while allowing the brand to run tests to build learnings and optimize performance.

In 2021, it engaged to scale its creative across multiple audiences, channels, and product benefits. The aim was to achieve marketing investment efficiency by using a tech solution to build thousands of creative variations, understand what product benefits resonate with its different audiences and improve campaign performance by optimizing to top-performing product benefits.

The idea

To achieve marketing investment efficiency, used a purpose-built master template that allowed it to automate the production of creative variations across channels and formats to produce 3,752 animated display banners, 1,071 VPAID videos and 220 VAST YouTube videos. These creative variations included variants of copy and imagery to be able to feature different product benefits within the creatives.

To understand its audience preferences for product benefits, Nestlé built out a multitude of creative variations that allowed it to compare the performance of different elements within those creatives against each audience to understand how each audience responds to those elements.

This was mapped using’s personalize tool, helping the Nestlé team to visualize a large number of creative variations against its target audiences.

To improve campaign performance by optimizing relevant creative variations, with A/B testing personalized creative variations versus non-personalized variations, Nestlé was able to understand what variants were driving performance and switch off under-performing variants. This resulted in improved efficiency and performance metrics across the course of the campaign.

The results

By using’s automated solution, Nestlé Indonesia reduced cost by 99%, reducing the cost of producing a single display banner from CHF422 to less than CHF1 per banner, making creative relevance and testing feasible.

Overall, audiences interested in health engaged best with the campaign at 3.19% CTR versus the 0.6% CTR benchmark

On a larger scale, this also helped the Nestlé team understand which product benefits resonate best and prioritize those benefits when it comes to future communications as well as future product innovation.

By optimizing the creative to best performers mid-flight, Nestlé was able to improve the performance over the course of the campaign and avoid creative fatigue.

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The Drum Awards The Drum Marketing Awards Brand Strategy

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