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Mom knows best - Meta's secret guide to 'mompreneurship'

By Ian Darby, journalist

June 10, 2022 | 6 min read

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As part of a commitment to helping small businesses thrive, Meta has created a series of events under the banner ‘Community Conversations’, bringing like-minded partners together with its SMB community to address important topics.

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Mom always knows best! So what advice can she share on running a business?

Continuing the series, Meta hosted a roundtable in celebration of Mother's Day in the Asia-Pacific region. The panel featured six amazing 'mompreneurs' – entrepreneurs who are inspired by their moms, or who are moms themselves. Our panellists discussed how they balance their work and family lives, and offered some great little tips and tricks to help encourage other SMBs run by moms through those times when the journey isn't so smooth.

Amelia Low, marketing program manager at Meta, moderated the panel to help highlight that doing it yourself in business doesn't mean going it alone, because there’s some great support available. Talking with Amelia, the mompreneurs put some strong emotions out there when revealing the inspirations for their businesses, how they find the important time to look after themselves, and those moments when their moms have really made a difference in their lives.

Inspired by family

The moms in business are inspired by their own family and time with their kids when it comes to running a successful SMB. Gouri Ganti from Maasi went through the experience of discovering that her own child was on the autism spectrum to then create a business based on beautiful multi-sensory products for children, and Angie Yiu from In Good Hands Of rediscovered her passion for the curing and caring power of plants and herbs after quitting her regular job to look after her young daughter.

Moms play a massive part in this business success too. They're the "super heroes" to our mompreneurs, offering support and a shoulder to cry on when things get tough. But it's important that women business owners look after themselves too. You can spend so much time, in the words of Katherine Chan from RionStudio, as "nurse, teacher, cook, nanny" to your children and family that you risk neglecting your own needs. So take time to love and trust yourself, "and chase your dream." That way, business success will surely follow.

Permission to relax

It's not easy being a mompreneur – and sometimes we need to learn from the best. Isabella Bennetts-Roberts from OiOi has long worked alongside her own mom and has first hand experience of what helps her to stay on top form. Bennetts-Roberts suggests that moms give themselves "permission to relax" every now and then to relieve the pressure. You're never realistically going to get everything done in a day. Instead, step back, take a moment to nurture and treat yourself. That way, when you get back into work mode you'll be firing with ideas.

Stress can be a big factor for SMB founders, so this ability to know when to switch off is especially important. As Angie Yiu says, "you can't pour from an empty cup". Take care of yourself first then you will have more to give to both your family and the business.

And it's fantastic to have our own moms around for support. Gouri Ganti says she learned from her mother that, "no matter what's thrown at you in life, make the best of it." That sounds like good advice when life can surprise you every day. But it's so important to have a support network around you - recognize that you can't do everything yourself, and reach out to others to make the most of your resources, both in the business and at home.

Take time to learn

It's tempting to think that the chance for learning has gone once the business is launched. But that's not the case. Nadine Angelica Gadia-Casino from ALIMA says that you should take any opportunity available to build your knowledge levels and help your business to thrive. She takes advantage of free seminars and webinars all the time, and isn't shy when it comes to raising her hand in class: "Consistently, every seminar or any conference, you will always see me stand up and ask questions because I always make opportunities to learn."

Family togetherness

It's not necessarily the case that the needs of your family and those of your business are conflicted. Family support can drive the success of your business, as it has for Charissa Macoto Padilla from Fabulous Cakes. Her daughter helps with the tech and online promotion elements of her bakery business to attract more clients, and her husband and sons with the delivery process: "We all work together," she says.

But what about the practical bits that every SMB owner needs to know? Building and managing your customer base comes high up the list. Today's successful mompreneur loves direct messaging with her customers, enjoys face-to-face communications where possible, and finds short-form video an effective way to speak with audiences. These are great tips for SMBs looking to thrive and find new opportunities while still allowing mompreneurs that all-important time with their own families.

To find out more about Meta’s Community Conversation series visit the Meta Supports Small Business Hub.

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