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Ukrainian media agencies unite in call for support from the global market


By Hannah Bowler | Senior Reporter

May 30, 2022 | 5 min read

The Ukrainian media industry has penned a manifesto listing practical ways the global market can offer its support to Ukraine.

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Ukrainian-British ad consortium Razmon leads industry call for support

The plea from representatives of Ukraine’s media industry asked for help in tackling Russian misinformation, supporting humanitarian initiatives, and providing employment and business opportunities.

The call to action has been led by the Ukrainian-British agency consortium Razom Group. The group includes agencies Initiative, Havas Media Ukraine and UM Ukraine that in response to the war switched tacts and began providing humanitarian relief supporting evacuations.

Chief strategy and digital officer for the Razom Group Mila Krutchenko initiated the project. She said: “During 3 months of the war, our media market has changed dramatically. We are united in our desire to help Ukraine and stop the aggressor. I believe that the most significant results can be obtained by acting within the framework of my expertise. That's why we focused on the media market and its needs and opportunities.”

The project has been backed by major holding companies including Publicis Ukraine, OM OMD Group and Dentsu Ukraine; media owners like Google Ukraine and Rakuten Advertising; and a cohort of indie agencies.

The manifesto lists seven actions for media businesses: raise awareness about the war, support humanitarian initiatives, create viral creative, do business with Ukrainian companies, employ Ukrainian talent, and stop business with Russia.

“In a crisis situation such as war, the integration of industry is extremely important to solve strategic problems," added Anastasiia Baidachenko, chief executive officer of the trade body IAB Ukraine. She said that employing Ukrainian specialists and giving work to Ukrainian businesses helps pay taxes and supports the economy.

Market competition has ceased in Ukraine, according to the manifesto, now that Ukrainian adland is united in fighting the war. “Save our homeland, our nation, and our culture,” the manifesto said.

Read the full manifesto below.

Ukrainian media market manifesto

Dear colleagues from all over the world. As media market players, we know how much information and misinformation about Ukraine surrounds you right now. We feel that we owe it to share our own experience and proven facts with you, so you can make thoughtful conclusions and pass them on to your media.

● It’s a full-scale war going on in Ukraine right now. Russia tries to decrease the world’s anxiety & condemnation by calling it a “special operation”. But cities all over Ukraine are bombed, thousands of civilians are killed or lost, Russian soldiers invaded our territory.

● Ukraine is a European democratic country with freedom of speech, self-expression, and faith. We can speak different languages and share different views but we are all Ukrainians and we are fighting for our home and freedom.

● There is no more advertising or market competition in Ukraine. We are all united by one goal - save our homeland, our nation, and our culture. All our businesses are now struggling to support the Ukrainian economy & people.

How you, as a part of the media business society, can help us right now:

● Support Ukraine in the media, spread the word about the war, block fakes

● Launch social campaigns supporting humanitarian initiatives

● Create viral creatives, let as many people as possible hear our story

● Work with Ukrainian companies and contractors: help us bring more projects to Ukraine

● Employ Ukrainian media specialists. Our country is full of talents

● Stop all kinds of cooperation with the Russian market. Russia is a terrorist, committing war crimes in Europe right now. All companies investing in Russia support terrorism. As Media People we understand that it’s difficult to exclude such a big market, but in terms of public perception, it is the only right thing to do.

We know that we are not alone, and the media business community all over the globe stands for Ukraine. All kinds of support are highly appreciated. Together we will win!

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