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Australia now has a new national coffee thanks to DDB Sydney and McDonald’s


By Sam Bradley, Journalist

May 26, 2022 | 3 min read

Coffee may originate from the sunny islands of Indonesia, but its brewed form changes across cultures and national cuisines. There’s Vietnamese cà phê sữa đá, French café au lait and the Americano, created when American GIs couldn’t cope with the bitter taste of Italian espresso.


DDB Sydney has created a new coffee product for McDonald’s in Australia / DDB Sydney

DDB Sydney and McCafe, McDonald’s coffee line, decided that it was time to give Australians a national coffee concoction of their own. It has unveiled the Australiano, a recipe including the flavors of chai, native Australian wattleseed and locally-sourced coffee.

McDonald’s group brand manager Lancy Huynh told The Drum: “Despite being a nation of coffee connoisseurs, we haven’t had a coffee to call our own. As a champion for Aussie coffee culture, McCafé wanted to right this wrong and craft a blend that Aussies can proudly put their name to.”

aussie image

To mark the launch, the brand has fired out a campaign across TV, out-of-home (OOH), radio, digital and social media. There’s also a sampling truck touring Australia to offer would-be aficionados a taste of their new national drink.

DDB Sydney executive creative director Matt Chandler said: “Like most Aussies, my day doesn’t get out of first gear until I’ve had my morning coffee. It’s awesome to be able to create one that the entire nation can get around.”

The launch follows the creation of the ’Coffee Fit For An Aussie’ brand platform last year, which aimed to boost the reputation of McCafe in Australia. OMD handled media for the campaign and the truck tour.

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