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By John Glenday, Reporter

May 24, 2022 | 2 min read

Frozen meat brand Steak-umm is not taking the vegetarian market lying down with the launch of a new bed linen range that looks like beef and smells like beef – but isn’t beef.

Better known for its thin-sliced frozen steaks, a familiar sight in US supermarkets, the company is now after a slice of the nighttime economy with its latest stunt.

Aimed at beef-curious vegans and vegetarians, the queen-sized bed sheets are being sold online to satisfy protein cravings without recourse to a butcher. If that doesn’t satisfy, a 100-minute-long recording of sizzling steak is also available to make your bedroom sound like a BBQ grill.

Developed by full-service independent advertising agency Tombras, the humorous work follows the personalization of the brand with new mascot The Steakperson.

Tombras president Dooley Tombras said: “This is both the most obvious and funny line extension we’ve ever worked on. Consumers on Twitter call them beef sheets, and it always gave everybody a chuckle. But when we realized it could be a great way to open the brand up to non-meat eaters, it became more than just funny – it became brilliant.”

Max Scannapieco, vice-president of sales and marketing at parent company Quaker Maid Meats, added: “Taking the energy and momentum that Steak-umm has on social and creating Beef Sheets are the type of activations we hoped for when partnering with Tombras.”

The much-maligned infomercial space has long provided fertile ground for parody, as ably demonstrated by a Netflix Stranger Things teaser.

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