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Martech Technology Brand Strategy

This underrated email marketing tactic receives nearly 100% open rates

May 5, 2022 | 5 min read

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You don’t need an email service provider, massive mailing list, or powerful subject lines to see results from email marketing. Even some of the most digitally-savvy organizations ignore this one underrated email marketing tactic.

The best part of forming an email signature marketing strategy is the affordability and simplicity.

The best part of forming an email signature marketing strategy is the affordability and simplicity.

The tactic is ignored because it’s right under the nose of most marketing professionals: employee email signatures.

The average employee sends about 40 emails per day. It’s the primary communication channel for most organizations. Even a team of 10 employees will send hundreds of combined emails in a single day. With the right email signature, every email is an opportunity to convert casual conversations into new customers.

Here are three reasons to create an email signature marketing strategy today:

1. Receive 100% email open rate

One-to-one marketing is common for early-stage startups and small businesses. But as companies begin to scale, so do their marketing efforts. Companies set their sights on bigger and better things.

But even medium-to-large size organizations can benefit from thinking small. One-to-one marketing is highly effective insofar as it is highly personal. And nothing conveys that personalization more than open rates.

The average email blast receives between 10% to 30% open rates, depending on the industry. Meanwhile, day-to-day emails sent from your employees receive nearly 100% open rates. An intentional message in the email signature – multiplied by every email sent from each employee – can become a powerful email marketing engine.

2. Build trust through interpersonal communication

The purpose of branding is to form a relationship with customers that improves retention and conversions for the long run. In that way, branding is a tool for fostering trust.

But even the strongest brands in the world don’t carry the same trust as individuals – even the individuals working at those companies. Social media is a good example. Consumers tend to prefer hearing information about a company from employee channels as opposed to company profiles. That’s because people relate most deeply with other people.

The same is true in email. By creating an email signature marketing strategy, you’re promoting your brand through a highly personal medium: one-to-one correspondence.

A simple tweak to employee email signatures is one of the most underrated opportunities to make your next campaign a huge success.

3. Enjoy low-cost conversions

The best part of forming an email signature marketing strategy is the affordability and simplicity. Organizations are simply tapping into the organic conversations that are already happening through their employees.

Every new conversation is an opportunity to make a sale, spread the word about your latest features or press release, or at the very least spread more awareness about your brand. In fact, Letsignit – an email signature branding and editing tool –has seen an average 4% click-through rate in email signature campaigns.

Enjoy low-cost conversions

Of course, email signatures can be static or be changed regularly. Letsignit allows administrators to manage and edit the email signatures of their entire company or even individual departments. This enables you to create highly targeted campaigns, even within the email signatures of specific teams in your company.

Email signature marketing by the numbers

Interpersonal email is asynchronous. It’s one-to-one, which means it’s hard to scale. For that reason – beyond one-off tactics like cold pitching – standard email is often neglected as a marketing channel by most organizations.

But for the modern distributed workforce, interpersonal communication has become a high-volume activity. A single employee might email anywhere from a few dozen to a couple hundred different people in a single workweek. This creates ample opportunity for serendipitous marketing and branding moments to take place in every sent email. A simple message can result in a new conversion.

The figures speak for themselves. According to a study conducted by Letsignit with 749 marketing decision makers from small and medium-sized companies and large accounts (100+ employees), traffic and contact generation increases by 25% thanks to the promotion of assets in email signatures. This includes everything from events to surveys, from offers to testimonials.

The study also discovered profound results beyond marketing: in employee engagement and updates. Email signatures contribute to a 34% increase in information and employee engagement, enabling companies to keep team members up to date about the latest things happening at the organization.

As you think through your next marketing promotion, don’t neglect the power of interpersonal email. A simple tweak to employee email signatures is one of the most underrated opportunities to make your next campaign a huge success.

Discover more about the marketing power of email signatures by visiting Letsignit.

Martech Technology Brand Strategy

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