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By Webb Wright, NY Reporter

May 5, 2022 | 2 min read

The brand, which describes itself as “the beer made to chill,” is painting giant, sunlight-reflecting advertisements on top of Miami apartment buildings in an effort to keep occupants cool.

2022 is already slated to be one of the top 10 hottest years on record. That means around the world, people are going to be spending much more on energy bills to keep their houses and apartments below sweltering temperatures. But what if there was a way that advertising could help people stay cool – and thereby save money – in our increasingly warm climate? In response to that question, Coors Light has introduced ‘Chillboards,’ a new ad campaign that aims to decrease the temperature in apartment buildings by placing ads on their roofs.

Black roofs have a low albedo, which means they absorb much of the sun’s rays and can therefore become quite hot – while also heating the dwellings below. White roofs, in contrast, have a high albedo – they reflect much of the sun’s rays and are therefore able to stay relatively cool.

Coors Light’s new Chillboards campaign has debuted in Miami, a city with a tropical climate that gives it some of the highest average temperatures in the US. The beer company is using reflective white paint to cover the black rooftops of Miami apartment buildings with words and phrases such as “Ads nobody can see, but everyone can feel.” The chosen font for the rooftop writing is called ‘Coolest’ and it enables the brand to cover close to the entirety (96%) of roofs’ surface areas in the high-albedo paint. According to the brand, this has the effect of cooling the surface temperature of the roofs by as much as fifty degrees Fahrenheit.

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