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Make your entire creative process more strategic

By Jada Balster | VP marketing

May 4, 2022 | 5 min read

With creatives being pulled in so many directions, it’s essential to hone in on a more strategic process— integrating the process end to end, making it transparent to the right people, prioritizing the right work, and allocating the right amount of time to do it. Just as important is connecting the work to measurable outcomes. Ideally you need to accomplish all the above—without compromising the creative process.

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How can smart workflows and the right tech make your creative process more strategic?

Prioritize the right work

Creatives want to ensure the work they do is connected to company strategies and goals, yet creative briefs can lack focus and don’t describe how the project will support business goals. Furthermore, ad hoc “urgent” jobs can derail creatives from these more important projects.

Ensuring you have a fully connected solution provides a single pipeline for work and a central platform for standardizing the intake process. This lets you see all incoming work in a single place, giving you a clear picture of how to align strategy, resources, and work and helping you prioritize requests based on how they ladder up to your company’s larger goals.

You can continually vet each request, so there’s never a question of whether your team is working on the right things. And the process doesn’t lock you in. You can shift on the fly and reallocate resources when company strategies or market conditions change. You can even do scenario planning to see how changes impact the rest of your work.

Allocate the right amount of time

It’s important to have the ability to collect and measure historical data around how long it takes to do a job so you can build achievable timelines. Then, with visibility into who has availability and what they’re working on, you can make the best assignments. Once jobs are assigned, you can use the calendar features for full visibility into their status from start through completion. Tracking time also helps you understand the true cost of getting a job done, as well as the cost savings compared to outsourcing.

Connect your work to measurable outcomes

Having solid data helps demonstrate the efficiencies you’re creating and justifies the time your creatives need to complete a job. Performance metrics for your team also help you make better decisions around your ability to take on new projects. When those projects come in, you can prioritize those that offer the most value and complete them first to achieve a higher ROI.

Revamp your work process, protect the creative process.

The best way to compete in today’s fast-moving and rapidly changing marketplace is to have the tools—and the time—to create amazing experiences.

When you can stay in your creative applications to not only design but also collaborate, proof, iterate, and store and manage their assets, you’ll spend less time wrangling work and people and more time doing what they do best—creating great work.

Adobe Workfront connects seamlessly to many other Adobe solutions, streamlining the entire workflow from intake to analytics and optimization. Our platform Fusion integrates with your business-critical applications too, so your operations run more efficiently.

B2B Marketing Creativity

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