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By Ellen Ormesher, Senior Reporter

April 21, 2022 | 3 min read

Zulu Alpha Kilo won the ‘Best Use of Gaming’ category at The Drum Awards for Digital Advertising 2022 with its Goldfish Focus Face Off Lens for Goldfish crackers. Here, we find out more about what went into this successful project.

Zula Alpha Kilo’s primary objective was to build a connection between the target audience, teenagers aged 13 to 17, and Goldfish crackers. It set out to do this by having them spend time with the brand in a new and innovative way to encourage trial of its new Flavour Blasted Kravin’ Ketchup variety.

The brief

In 2020, Campbell’s introduced a new Goldfish cracker to the market that was aimed at an older teenager audience. This new product line had bolder, more extreme flavors versus the traditional cheddar flavor aimed at younger children.

For launching the new, limited-time flavor Kravin’ Ketchup, Zulu Alpha Kilo felt that teens were becoming increasingly disinterested in traditional advertising, so needed to find a way to have them spend time with the brand

Through research on the audience, the agency learned that this age group is spending a large amount of time on time on various social media platforms, as well as partaking in online gaming. The best way to get their attention was to challenge them to a game on a platform they’re familiar with. So, Zulu Alpha Kilo created a gamified Snapchat lens – The Focus Face Off Lens.

The idea

Players had to focus on something very slow: the Kravin’ Ketchup Goldfish coming out of a ketchup bottle. If they could pay attention for more than nine seconds – the attention span of a real Goldfish – they unlocked a discount code. The longer players can stay focused on the cracker, the better their score.

The game used eye tracking technology to measure focus amid all types of notifications and distractions designed to disrupt them. At the end of the game, the player received a score card that also pulled in their username to encourage them to share with their Snapchat friends.

The results

Given the nature of the Snapchat lens, the primary KPI was play time. The lens delivered an average play time of 22.31 seconds, outperforming Snapchat’s historical data of 11 seconds by 103% and showing that the audience was highly engaged with the ketchup gamified lens.

This project was a winner at The Drum Awards for Digital Advertising 2022. Click here to find out which of The Drum Awards are currently open for entry.

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