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What really matters to the ad industry in 2022? The Drum Predicts podcast asks the experts


By Chris Sutcliffe | Senior reporter

April 20, 2022 | 13 min read

The Drum Predicts 2022 is your guide to the key trends shaping the industry’s agenda. Here’s a breakdown of all the sessions to catch up on.

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The Drum Predicts 2022 casts an eye forward at the most important changes in marketing this year / Manik Roy

This must-listen podcast series sees experts make sense of the market’s volatility. From the pandemic to the new tech threatening to throw business models into yet another tailspin, what are the big questions being pondered by clients this year? What does the rapidly-evolving agency culture mean for our old ways of working? Are our industry’s practitioners really being challenged to take sustainability and representation seriously?

We delve into it all and make key predictions for the year ahead. Below you’ll find a a round-up of the 10 key sessions. The full series can be found on Spotify.

The future of retail

Listen: The Future of Retail Is Hybrid

Guest: Carina Moran, head of strategy, Yahoo UK

Shoppers are now mandating convenient experiences from retailers – quick delivery turnaround times, free and easy returns and the ability to shop at every touchpoint – while also expecting engaging, entertaining and tangible interactions with brands.

In this session, Moran discusses the need for brands and retailers to adapt their strategies to account for these new ways of shopping. The early mover advantage favors those brands that cater to incoming consumer habits and, as the already vast number of touchpoints only increases further, there’s a huge amount at stake.

Agencies of the future

Listen: What do the agencies of the future look like?

Guests: Kristi Vandenbosch, US president, Oliver; Kunal Muzumdar, managing director, Analogfolk; Tarek Nseir, European vice-president and head of digital engagement practice, EPAM; and Faye Daffarn, managing director, TUG

Agencies are the vanguard of the marketing industry. They are the ones responsible for introducing new technologies and creative ideas, in addition to advising on new ways of working and business models that go on to shape the working world. The most successful are also – by nature and necessity – nimble, changing quickly in response to changes in the landscape.

This session sees a raft of experts discussing what the agency of the future looks like, whether that’s distributed, employee-owned or more deeply integrated with clients.

Hype versus reality: today’s marketing trends

Listen: Hype v reality: marketers call bullshit on today’s top marketing trends

Guests: Piers Fawkes, founder/president, PSFK; Keely Adler, vice-president and cultural futurist, Dentsumb; and David Shing, digital prophet, Shingy

We’re all susceptible to a nice bit of hype – and the marketing industry is especially quick to leap on to any passing trend. But with the marketing world moving at fast forward, how do we decide which trends to stop and watch? Will the metaverse turn out to be anything but broken promises? Can non-alcoholic spirits be a long-lasting addition to drinks cabinets? Most importantly, how can we avoid overhyping and underdelivering?

To answer this very question, The Drum has assembled the industry’s top futurists to suss out what will truly impact the marketing and advertising industry five years down the road.

The rise of attention metrics

Listen: Attention, please! Advertising has a new currency

Guests: Nick Reid, EMEA’s senior vice-president and managing director, DoubleVerify, and Jenni Baker, assistant editor, The Drum

Advertising’s only real currency is attention – but how do we accurately measure it? With each and every platform having its own attention metrics, how do we determine which matters the most to our partners? With disruption on the horizon brands will be looking for other measures to gauge performance in an accurate, privacy-friendly way.

This shift in focus, along with advancements in contextual targeting, should provide advertisers with better quality inventory and stronger results. But how do we build that into our wider strategies – and, more importantly, how do we ensure that our measurement tools evolve to keep track of audience habits? This session is created in collaboration with DoubleVerify.

3D visualizations and the future of collaboration

Listen: Why is the entire industry transforming to 3D visualizations?

Guest: Meizi Yan, SEA territory manager and 3DI, Adobe SEA

Today, businesses worldwide realize that 3D visualization is flexible, cost-effective and scalable. Entire industries are transforming as a result, and industry bodies are launching collaborative learning tools to ensure that brands make the most of 3D modeling. From global industrial design to online games, those visualization tools are helping brands create a long-term metaverse strategy, cut down on collaboration issues and create brand-new products from scratch.

Discover the new dimension for design as businesses shift into this new world, and why content creation at scale is the key to populating real-time experiences. This session is created in collaboration with Adobe SEA.

Creating cross-channel performance

Listen: The big agency opportunity: cross-channel performance in 2022

Guests: Taa Visudhipol, chief commercial officer and co-founder, Dotmatter; Chaola Nachampassak, regional performance specialist and global agency, Meta; and Charlotte McEleny, APAC publisher, The Drum

The online customer journey has never been more complex. It is an accepted rule of digital marketing that each consumer is a moving target, across devices and behavior patterns. It follows then that an agency that understands the role that both search and social have in driving success for performance media is future-proofing its strategy – but what does that future-proofed agency look like in practice?

This session profiles Dotmatter’s journey to success and gets under the hood of how it is making the most of its role as a Meta Business Partner to scale up this opportunity. This session is created in collaboration with Meta Business Partners.

B2B’s next level

Listen: B2B’s next level: where digital marketing goes from here

Guests: Anamika Gupta, director and head of customer marketing, Fujitsu America; Simon McEvoy, head of strategy, Omobono; and Kenneth Hein, US editor, The Drum

Business-to-business (B2B) marketing is a changed beast. Top players in the field are forging their way into digital channels, consumer-esque tactics and an effectively empathetic mindset. Old-school tactics have been abandoned or altered to favor new ways of reaching more empowered decision-makers.

We don’t need a Predicts series to know that this year will prove to be the most dynamic in the history of B2B marketing, so what are the brave new methods that marketers can embrace to really drive growth for their organizations? This session is created in collaboration with Omobono.

The carbon cost of digital media

Listen: Internet sustainability: reducing the CO2 of digital media

Guest: Andrew Hayward-Wright, UK partnerships director, SeenThis

This session examines one of – if not the – single most pressing question of our age. As the demand for sustainable solutions accelerates, the best brands are embarking on their decarbonization journey throughout this year and beyond. But beyond the obvious tactics of reducing unnecessary travel and using local expertise, how do we improve sustainability around our data strategies?

This episode examines how the media industry is set to shift focus from reducing direct emissions to indirect emissions. With data gathering and use expected to grow exponentially – driven by video, mobile and consumer expectations – it’s on the industry to agree on a standardized approach to measuring the CO2 impact of delivering digital ads. This session is created in collaboration with SeenThis.

The primacy of first party

Listen: First-Party Data: the future of personalization built on trust and privacy

Guest: Arshdeep Sood, marketing solutions engineer, OneTrust PreferenceChoice

With the depreciation of third-party cookies coming to a head in 2023, marketers are in the midst of a transition to first-party data use. As a result, now is the perfect time to experiment with maximizing personalization without relying on those outdated strategies. However, to do so requires that we take the current considerations around data privacy, hygiene and deployment into account.

In this session we will learn how to pivot your marketing strategy to focus on first-party and marketing-consented data, and make privacy and trust your competitive advantage. This session is created in collaboration with OneTrust.

Brand, demand and beyond

Listen: E-commerce marketing in 2022: brand, demand and beyond

Guest: Mathias Eriksson, brand and marketing director, Juni

As marketers, we often find ourselves in a decision-making battle between servicing the immediate needs of a brand and creating demand generation. But why shouldn’t it be possible to do both in one campaign? 2022 is set to be the year when marketers find out how to have their cake and eat it as e-marketing needs grow in importance.

In this session listeners can find out how to create a successful strategy that meets both those essential soft brand measures and the hard data metrics. This session is created in collaboration with Juni.

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