By Webb Wright, NY Reporter

April 14, 2022 | 3 min read

When life throws one of its inevitable curveballs your way, it can help to look for a silver lining. This is the premise behind the new campaign from sparkling water brand Bubly, which encourages us all to ‘see the Bubly side.’ The year-long campaign, launching today, reprises beloved crooner Michael Bublé’s role as brand spokesperson.

In two new TV spots, the PepsiCo-owned sparkling water brand, which launched in 2018, seeks to connect with viewers through emotion, humor and a little star power. Its core message: we all go through ‘bummer moments’ – those unavoidable, unpredictable mini-crises that catch us completely off guard. When they happen, it’s best to take them in our stride and find a way to turn them into something positive.

In one spot, a partygoer drops and breaks an expensive-looking dish, only to find out that it was a gift that the hostess received on her wedding day – from the only other two guests in attendance. Awkward silence ensues. The guilty party cracks open a can of Bubly. Right on cue, a sharply-dressed Bublé slides out from the fridge, along with two impossibly long shelves of Bubly products. “See the Bubly side,” he says. “Remember that behind every broken plate is one less chore you totally hate.”

“Bublé’s right,” the hostess says. She, and everyone else in attendance aside from the original dish-breaker – including her cat and Bublé himself – proceed to indulge in a Bacchanalian frenzy of dish destruction.

“Bubly sparkling water is all about playful positivity,” says Zach Harris, vice-president, water portfolio at PepsiCo beverages North America. “When you look at our brand, you see the bright colors, the smiles on the cans, we’re all about putting smiles out there and having our consumers crack a smile. [The new campaign is] really showing fans and consumers that everyday bummer moments ... they all have a silver lining, [and] we call it seeing the Bubly side. There’s a different point of view you can have, a different way you can look at things, and Bubly chooses to see the Bubly side, which is to see the positive in everything.”

Bublé first began partnering with Bubly back in 2019, with a campaign in which the singer attempted to make his permanent mark on the brand by sneaking an ‘e’ on to Bubly cans and chronically mispronouncing the name of the brand so that it sounded like his own last name.

The new installment also includes a social media component. On April 18, Bubly will be “giving select fans a dose of online optimism,” says Harris, with a chance to win a range of prizes via Twitter. Those prizes will include Marriott Bonvoy hotel gift cards, JetBlue flight vouchers and self-care goodies.

“The Bubly/Bublé Twitter takeover marks the first in a series of activations Bubly will bring to life this year as part of the brand’s official ‘see the Bubly side’ campaign, helping people everywhere find the good in less-than-ideal situations,” the brand said in a statement.

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