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Cannabis brand Dad Grass partners with George Harrison estate for ‘All Things Must Grass’


By Webb Wright | Reporter

April 12, 2022 | 4 min read

Got grass? Low-intensity cannabis brand Dad Grass is looking to see that you do, especially if you loved the iconic George Harrison solo record All Things Must Pass.


The brand is celebrating the 50th anniversary of George Harrison’s All Things Must Pass

The wisdom contained in George Harrison’s 1970 album All Things Must Pass is profound. And given the rate at which cannabis has been legalized across the United States over the past several years, the phrase ‘all things must grass’ also contains some deep truth. This appears to be the thinking behind a new collaboration between cannabis brand Dad Grass and the George Harrison estate.

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of Harrison’s treasured 1970 album, the brand is releasing a series of new products commemorating Harrison, his music and his legacy. The new product line, which includes both smokable and non-smokable – but all perfectly legal – paraphernalia, reflects the growing popularity and profitability of the recreational cannabis industry.

In contrast to the high-THC cannabis products that are legally available in a handful of states, Dad Grass has positioned itself as a purveyor of subtler, gentler cannabis experiences – and thereby also of a feeling of nostalgia for the days in which one could smoke a joint without fear of having their psyche temporarily obliterated. The company, in its own words, “is reviving the mellow sensibility of the casual smoke.”

Its cannabis products, while containing the cannabinoids CBD and CBG, contain only trace amounts of THC, per the requirements of the 2018 Farm Bill (which legalized cannabis that contains “no more than 0.3 percent THC on a dry weight basis.”)

That landmark piece of legislation has caused the recreational and non-psychoactive (meaning it won’t get you high) cannabis industry to explode in recent years. According to data from Statista, that industry is currently valued at around $18.4bn and could exceed $25bn in 2025.

Dad Grass’ self-described “light-hearted and laid-back” vibe fits snugly, according to the company, with that of the late Harrison, an artist known for his gentleness and spiritual inclination. “We tend to shy away from the high-test blow-your-mind weed that kids are into today,” Ben Starmer, Dad Grass' co-founder and CEO, said in a statement. “For this project, we set out to create a mellower kind of joint, something that blended together the type of high-quality, low-potency, and all-natural flower that was around when George was ‘having a laugh’ back in the early 70s. Just a classic smoke for a classic bloke.”

The new product line also includes rolling papers, a rolling tray, an ashtray, pins and other chotchkies, all inspired by the iconic artwork and creative spirit of All Things Must Pass. It even includes a bumper sticker for the hippie in all of us that says ‘All things must grass.’ The 50th anniversary edition of Harrison’s classic album, released late last year, won a Grammy earlier this month for ‘Best boxed or special limited edition package.’

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