By Kendra Barnett, Associate Editor

April 11, 2022 | 3 min read

Baskin-Robbins has debuted a refreshed look and messaging platform, with a full ad campaign to support the rollout. The update aims to modernize the 76-year-old brand and inspire consumers to make the most of every little moment – preferably with ice cream.

Multinational ice-cream chain Baskin-Robbins is refreshing its brand for the first time in two decades. The changes include new takes on its longstanding pink-and-blue logo and tagline. Supporting the rollout of the rebranding are two 15-second video ads that get at the heart of the message – which is all about celebrating life’s little moments.

In one spot, a young girl with a determined expression rides her bike to a hard rock tune reminiscent of classic TV truck ads. The music cuts out as the frame changes and viewers see the girl’s mom clapping as her daughter pedals past at a leisurely pace. In the next scene, mom and daughter are pictured together holding Baskin-Robbins cups with heaping scoops of pink ice-cream. “You were really moving out there,” the woman says. “I know,” quips the little girl. The spot closes with a voiceover featuring the tagline: “Baskin-Robbins: seize the yay!”

The concept, messaging platform, strategy and campaign creative were all developed in partnership with Baskin-Robbins’s agency of record, Atlanta-based 22squared. In addition to the creative campaign and tagline, the sweet treats brand also unveiled a logo developed with help from retail-focused experience agency ChangeUp. It features circus-inspired typography and subtly showcases the number 31, a nod to the brand’s classic ‘31 flavors’ slogan – which was originally created with the implication that consumers can try a different flavor each day of the month.

New Baskin-Robbins logo

“Grounded in authentic emotion, the rebrand was inspired by the happiness ice-cream brings to every moment,” says Jerid Grandinetti, the company’s vice-president of marketing and culinary. “We wanted Baskin-Robbins’s new logo and branding to reflect the modern yet nostalgic feeling of enjoying your favorite ice-cream to celebrate moments big and small.”

In support of the rebrand, the ice-cream purveyor is launching three new flavors, which it says are “crafted specifically to celebrate every moment.” The Non-Dairy Mint Chocochunk is a vegan-friendly spin on the classic mint chocolate chip. Coconut Swirl brings together coconut and ube – a sweet purple yam – in a vibrant marriage. Finally, Totally Unwrapped is a flavor bomb that mixes peanut butter and chocolate ice-cream with fudge-covered pretzels, fudge and caramel-dipped peanuts, and a salted caramel swirl.

Plus, to encourage fans to ‘seize the yay,’ Baskin-Robbins has debuted a limited-edition collection of merch that includes bikes and skateboards. The products will be available online beginning April 18, exclusively at The brand will promote the rebrand across its social channels.

“Our goal,” says Baskin-Robbins president Jason Maceda, “is to capture the next generation of ice-cream lovers through our new look and manifesto.”

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