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April Fools’ Day 2022: see the latest branded pranks and gags


By Kendra Barnett, Associate Editor

April 1, 2022 | 16 min read

You know the saying: It’s not over until the bidet brand launches a poo-centric dating show. Here are some more of the most ridiculous, over-the-top, believable and unbelievable pranks pulled by brands today.

Dog wearing false eyelashes

Ipsy and Glamnetic have teamed up to bring canine beauty to the next level

Busch Light encourages drinkers to ‘Save a Tree, Pee in a Busch’

Busch Light peeing funnel

As the weather warms up, more consumers will take to the great outdoors to enjoy their favorite beers. And sometimes, a Busch Light or two in, nature calls — and the trees become unsuspecting victims of urination. And though it may seem a harmless transgression, peeing on trees can put them at higher risk for nutrient deficiencies, disease and pest infestations.

According to research by One Tree Planted, a nonprofit organization on a mission of reforestation, foot traffic in parks across the US have seen a major uptick in the last two years, putting trees at a higher risk of, you guessed it, being urinated on.

Busch Light is on a mission to save the trees — with the new, limited-edition Pee in a Busch funnel kit. Now, after enjoying a Busch Light, drinkers can easily take care of business with a reusable funnel kit — and pee in a Busch instead of on a tree. And although this prank was pulled on April Fools’ Day, it’s not a joke: the funnel is available for purchase during the entire month of April. All profits will be donated to One Tree Planted — for each dollar, one tree will be planted.

Ipsy and Glamnetic give furry friends a lash lift

Cosmetics subscription box service Ipsy has teamed up with Glamnetic, purveyor of reusable magnetic eyelashes, to bring beauty to pets across the globe. The brands have launched a campaign promoting the first-of-their-kind pet-friendly Magnetic Pet Lashes.

With the understanding that each furry friend has different features and preferences, the collab includes a collection of different types of eyelashes, ranging from wispy black classics to bold pink flutters. Plus, consumers are invited to purchase human sets, too, to match their pets. The prank is being promoted on both Ipsy’s and Glamnetic’s social channels.

Fuel-free Cozy Coupes combat rising gas prices

Cozy Cabs April Fools' Day joke

Little Tikes, the brand whose teeny Cozy Coupe is among the most popular tot-sized models in the UK, has decided to combat skyrocketing gas prices with a new sustainable, fuel-free taxi service, Cozy Cabs. The brand is encouraging commuters to try out the Cozy Cab, an adult-sized version of the Cozy Coupe, which, like its predecessor, is pedal-powered and emissions-free.

“The Cozy Cab boasts impressive rocking-horse-power and significant low-end torque. Forget black cabs – it’s all about the iconic red and yellow,” said the brand in a statement.

Little Tikes claims it’s piloting its Cozy Cabs in London this month. “Cozy Coupes have been a reliable method of transport for children for generations, so we thought, ‘Why not expand our fleet and roll out a dedicated taxi service to help adults travel across the capital with ease?,’” said the company’s senior brand manager Alaina Cornish in a statement.

Skippy and Welch challenge PB&J presumptions

Skippy and Welch pocket knife April Fools' Day prank

What’s the proper way to make a PB&J sandwich? One knife for each spread? A shared knife? Does a spoon factor in? Luckily, peanut butter brand Skippy has teamed up with grape connoisseurs Welch’s to put PB&J-making methodology debates to rest. The brands have unveiled a new product: the PBJ X Pro, an all-in-one, Wi-Fi enabled pocket knife designed to streamline the sandwich-making process.

“When making a PB&J creation, everyone is different,” said Ryan Christofferson, senior brand manager at Skippy, in a statement today. “In addition to which utensil to use, the debate even extends to how people cut their sandwich, or whether they enjoy the crust on or off. We are excited to have created a tool that gives all PB&J lovers the creative freedom to enjoy their sandwich exactly how they like it, with the help of PBJ X Pro.”

Outfitted with knives, a spoon, a pizza cutter wheel, a custom stamp for emblazoning sandwiches, a flashlight for midnight snacking and more, the tool may just revolutionize PB&J-making. In addition to promoting the stunt on socials, the brands have collaborated on a special classic PB&J recipe that can be found on both brands’ websites.

Luckily, National PB&J Day is tomorrow, April 2 — hopefully we’ll all be prepared.

Tushy promos shitty new dating show

Personal hygiene and bidet brand Tushy has released a promo video for its new reality dating show, It Takes #2. The show brings together two sexy singles who connect — while sitting on the porcelain throne.

“Going to the bathroom is one of the most real and personal things we all do that no one seems to want to talk about — but isn’t intimacy the crux of a lasting relationship?!,” said Tushy founder Miki Ag. “There are a shit-ton of dating shows out there, yet none of them seem to get people to break down their messiest walls right off the bat, and the relationships ultimately crumble. We created It Takes #2 to not only provide some prime entertainment, but also to help people get down and dirty from the very first date in hopes they find a love story to last a lifetime.”

To prove that they’re all business, Tushy is shopping its shitty show around, imploring top streaming services including Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Apple TV and Peacock to pick it up.

Budweiser invites us all to hay-cation like a Clydesdale


The beer behemoth’s beloved Clydesdales have long graced Super Bowl screens, but now Budweiser is taking the horsing around to a new level. The brand today announced its new Budbnb.

Priming “the ultimate hotel experience,” fans can now stay in a Budweiser Clydesdale stable — which comes equipped with a fully-stocked bar — for the low price of $1,876 per night.

To promote the “hay-cation” opportunity, the brand has shared images across its social platforms advertising the perks of the stay and the beautiful features of the property — from “king-sized hay beds” to “original brick and stained glass windows” that “transport you to 1885.”

Grape Jerky hits shelves, courtesy of Sun-Maid

Raisin brand Sun-Maid today announced that it’s expanding its product portfolio with the new Grape Jerky. Starting April 1, hikers, off-roaders and “those looking for extremes” can snack on the new treat, a vegan fruit snack shriveled naturally by the sun and packaged into easy-to-eat servings.

"At Sun-Maid, we're taking an extremely serious approach to snacking innovation, and it's no joke that Grape Jerky is something the internet has been craving for years," said Harry Overly, the company’s president and chief executive officer, in a statement. "Grape Jerky has huge potential and puts our whole fruit in a whole new perspective.”

Even so, Overly admitted that the new product “is pretty much identical to the great taste and quality in Sun-Maid raisins.” But he said he’s sure that “people are going to get a kick when they taste the product."

Firehouse Subs spices up breakfasts everywhere

Popular sub sandwich chain Firehouse Subs is gagging fans this April with its new Early Morning Essentials product line. Infusing classic Firehouse Subs flavors into morning staples, the brand claims it’s launching new products like Captain’s Corned Beef Crunch cereal, Dark Roast Brisket Coffee, Cherry Lime-aid Loops and more.

The fast-casual restaurant encourages fans to visit firehousesubs.com/breakfast to claim their breakfast bundle. Luckily, it’s just a joke, and none of us have to sit through a bowl of beefy flakes at the breakfast table.

Ithaca Hummus dips into the beauty industry

Woman putting on face mask

Nothing can ‘beet’ the great taste of hummus — except maybe a rejuvenating Lemon Beet face mask, the newest product innovation from Ithaca hummus. Packed with plant-based power, the new beauty product promises “a full-faced glow.”

“Ithaca once redefined the way America loves hummus, and now, we’re redefining skincare too,” said Ithaca’s founder and chief executive officer Chris Kirby in a statement shared with The Drum. And Kirby claims this is just the beginning: “Although Lemon Beet is our first flavor to launch, we have already begun experimenting with Calming Chickpea Cucumber, Anti-Aging Red Pepper and more.”

Bud Light Seltzer goes 'Bridgerton'

Seltzer pack

Bud Light Seltzer today announced it’s issuing a limited-edition — albeit fake — Bud Light Seltzer Really Really Retro Pack.

Following the commercial success of the brand’s popular 70s homage pack The Bud Light Seltzer Retro Tie Dye Pack, which was released last summer, this new sham set is inspired by Netflix’s 'Bridgerton' and the cultural resurgence of Regency-era-inspired entertainment. The pack includes flavors such as Afternoon Tea, Queen Cake, Courtship Cocktail and Duke Delight.

The prank proved enticing: Elite Daily said that the realization that the announcement was a prank was a “bummer,” asking, “Why are these not real???”

Because McDonald’s Sprite just hits different


Today, Sprite and McDonald’s teamed up in a fake collab promoting the imaginary new co-branded canned McDonald’s Sprite.

The prank plays into the widespread meme that’s been in circulation since 2017 about the lemon-lime soda tasting somehow more delicious when it comes from McDonald’s than when it comes in any other form.

The new product has been aptly christened “Spicy Sprite.”

Dr Squatch pulls a jerk move

Beef bar

Dr Squatch, a Los Angeles-based men’s personal care brand with a focus on natural ingredients today launched a hearty new product: its Beef Jerky bar soap. The brand claimed that the soap was made with real Angus Sirloin beef.

To make the most of the campaign, the brand is allowing customers to shop the soap on its website — but when shoppers click “Add to Cart,” they’re met with an April Fools’ pop-up that prompts them to sign up for Dr Squatch’s text messages to receive news and notifications about product launches and sales.

The brand is promoting the stunt across its social channels.

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