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March 31, 2022 | 2 min read

British designer Paul Smith has gathered a group of disparate social media personalities to demonstrate how individuality and personal passions, not following the crowd, are key to staying true to yourself. This includes TikTok sensation Francis Bourgeois, a self-confessed trainspotter.

Leading ‘What Makes You Happy?’ is Bourgeois, who attained fame on TikTok and Instagram by posting regular videos of his latest trackside sightings. The unlikely celebrity’s public postings have seen him bask in the limelight instead of retiring to his bedroom – to the extent that he has been called upon to star in ads for the North Face and Gucci.

Expounding his hobby while modeling Paul Smith’s latest clothing collection, Bourgeois said: “What I want to do is elevate quirkier hobbies like trainspotting to help people be more confident with quirkier, unique things.”

Bourgeois is depicted alongside ‘Fiona,’ a songwriter who has found expression in music by employing the magic of melody to communicate her true self to those around her.

The eclectic trio is rounded off by a poet, ‘Timmy,’ who has thrown himself into the richness of literature as a salve against the complexities of the modern world.

In a campaign statement, the fashion brand wrote: “A fresh cast of characters – Francis, Fiona and Timmy – on their passions, what puts a smile on their face and how they stay true to themselves in our new short film.

“Shot by director Leonn Ward, the campaign and film brings together three remarkable talents – a trainspotter, a songwriter and a poet – to answer the question: what makes you happy? Sharing both simple pleasures and lifelong passions, the cast reflect on the positive impact of their hobbies, how they’ve changed their lives for the better, helped them grow and continue to inspire them everyday.”

Intended to stimulate audiences to consider ‘what makes you happy?’ the advert comes with a handy letter board to spell out what gets you out of bed in the mornings.

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