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Unlocking the full potential of the CTV advertising ecosystem in Europe


By Jenni Baker | Senior Editor

March 30, 2022 | 5 min read

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Two advertising ecosystems are converging and colliding on TV screens across Europe. Connected TVs are the focal point for many of the most important debates about the future of media, impacting media measurement, the growth of addressable advertising, converged planning and buying across TV and digital media, the use of data to support targeting, the future of the TV trading model, and the relationships between TV platforms and media owners.

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The growth of consumer streaming viewing and CTV advertising is unleashing innovation in the advertising ecosystem

The growth of consumer streaming viewing and CTV advertising inventory on CTV is unleashing innovation in the advertising ecosystem. It presents not only exciting opportunities, but also important challenges for the media industry, as existing standards, workflows and business practices are forced to adapt and evolve.

Launched in November 2020, the European Connected TV Initiative (ECTVI) has just completed an extensive, year-long review of the opportunities presented by the new ecosystem. Over 500 senior executives from across the industry engaged with the Initiative during 2021, making this one of the largest programs of engagement and dialogue undertaken across the European media and advertising industries in recent years.

Findings from the review, a snapshot of industry perspectives, are set out in a major new report, available for download below.

The report highlights the tremendous opportunities presented by the growth and development of the new ecosystem. CTVs have dramatically lowered the barriers to entry for new video services on TVs across Europe, expanding consumer choice. They are also a powerful platform for advertising innovation and content promotion and a new source of granular viewing data.

Major CTV OEMs and European broadcasters are well advanced in addressing the opportunities presented by the new ecosystem, although approaches vary widely, from support for HbbTV in Germany, Italy and Spain to a greater focus on streaming services and programmatic platforms in the UK. The European market is very different to the US – more fragmented, diverse and varied.

The ECTVI report, sponsored by Roku, Fincons Group and IPONWEB, identifies a series of opportunities for unlocking the full potential of the CTV advertising ecosystem, through collaboration, partnerships and standardization.

The report also proposes the establishment of a new industry forum for cross-industry dialogue and constructive engagement, bringing together the TV and digital video advertising ecosystems, along with manufacturers, programmatic platforms, and other key industry stakeholders.

Recently, the ECTVI project directors Jon Watts and Mary Ann Halford hosted a webinar with the sponsors and other industry leaders to discuss the report’s findings.

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Marketing Brand Purpose Brand Strategy

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European Connected TV Initiative

The European Connected TV Initiative is exploring the potential of connected TV advertising in Europe. Sponsored by Google, Roku, Fincons and IPONWEB.

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