Oatly brings puppet-fronted mini-series to Australia to promote plant-based diets

Oatly has launched a mini-series in Australia to normalize the conversation around plant-based diets.

The show, called The New Norm&Al Show, contains five episodes featuring two puppets named Norm and Al trying to adopt a plant-based diet. The puppets are meant to show that anyone can adopt a plant-based diet – and you don’t have to give up dairy or meat, or go fully vegan.

“After trying to help people eat more plant-based with super-long Instagram posts, a dorky AFL Grand Final ad and nonsensical headlines, we’ve now landed on puppets to do the job. The New Norm&Al Show helps us deliver a message that people might normally roll their eyes at, but because it’s puppets, well, who doesn’t like puppets?” said Michael Lee, creative director at Oatly.

Norm and Al will also be making an appearance through stickers, wobblers and more in 20 specially-selected independent retailers. Through a partnership with Woolworths, the puppets will also be in more than 90% of stores across the country.

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