By Amy Houston, Senior Reporter

March 11, 2022 | 2 min read

Apple’s schlubby, downtrodden underdogs are back, and this time they are escaping from the clutches of their demanding boss Vivienne.

‘Escape From the Office’ sees the scrappy team of four daydreaming about starting a company of their own, but first they require a product that they can successfully take to market. Taking inspiration from a double-bagged box of donuts, they devise a plan to make a reusable reinforced bag.

Throughout the nine-minute spot, viewers see the misfits conduct frantic meetings, hire a 14-year-old software developer and move into their new office (garage) space – which sadly comes with a bit of a nasty smell. As the company grows, their old boss Vivienne finally comes crawling back and tries to buy the successful startup.

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Of course, the ad serves to showcase just how useful Apple devices can be to businesses big or small. It’s a continuation of the ‘Apple at Work’ series, with the first video being released back in 2019 and a further lockdown edition dropping last year.

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Last November in the US, the number of people leaving their jobs reached a record high of 4.53 million, with restaurants and healthcare being the industries hit hardest.

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