AIA taps prominent Aussie athletes in wellness campaign

Insurance firm AIA has launched a campaign with some of the biggest names in Australian sports to encourage Aussies to lead a healthier lifestyle.

The campaign, called ‘All or Something’ and created by Bullfrog, wants to change the ‘go hard or go home’ mentality to something more sustainable to make wellness more attractive for Australians.

It uses Ash Barty, the WTA world number one tennis player, and Stephanie Gilmore, winner of seven surfing World Titles, to coach Aussies out of their ‘all or nothing attitude,’ popping up at relevant times throughout the day to remind them of the ‘small somethings,’ like running for a few minutes and walking the rest of the way, or choosing a side salad over chips at the pub.

“At AIA, we’re passionate about helping Australians to live healthier, longer, better lives. For this to be possible, Aussies need positive physical and mental wellbeing, and this starts with the right mindset when it comes to choosing healthy lifestyle behaviors,” said Damien Mu, chief executive officer at AIA Australia.

“All or Something is a refreshing evolution from the traditional black-and-white approach when it comes to diet and exercise. By empowering Australians to focus on the small somethings, life becomes more enjoyable and healthier habits are sustained.”

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