By Amy Houston, Senior Reporter

March 1, 2022 | 2 min read

Can a burger come in between referees and the beautiful game? According to the fast-food chain Burger King, the answer is most definitely yes.

In a series of four humorous spots by creative agency Buzzman, the ‘home of the Whopper’ lifts the veil on matchday mistakes due to video assistant refs focusing more on their lunch than what’s going on during the game.


Viewers see the situation play out from the control room where three referees are supposed to be focused on the job. Instead, they are spilling burger sauce on the video assistance controls, commenting on the choice of the burger instead of the match decision and being unintelligible due to having a mouth full of food. But according to Burger King: “We would all have done the same. Because football is sacred, but a Whopper is even more so.”

The campaign launched on traditional TV outlets on February 22 during the Champions League matchdays and over the weekend during the French Football Championship games.


Since its induction in France a few years ago, opinions have been split on the impact of VAR (video assistant referee) on the spirit of football.

There are currently over 400 Burger King restaurants in France, with 50-70 chains being opened annually.

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