Ad of the Day: CGU Insurance uses Jim Henson’s puppets for Australian campaign

Australian insurance firm CGU Insurance has collaborated with The Jim Henson Company for a new campaign.

The ad, called ‘Tall Poppy,’ was created by Thinkerbell and addresses the culture of bringing down successful people and businesses in Australia, a practice that has coined the term ‘tall poppy syndrome.’

It is part of a wider campaign aimed at encouraging Australians to celebrate creativity and innovation.

The nine-minute film used classic tabletop puppetry, with visual effects built by Jim Henson’s Creature Shop and nearly 150 visual effects shots provided by Stargate Studios.

“Who says B2B work targeting insurance brokers needs to be boring and rational? We created Tall Poppy to get Aussies to think differently about tall poppy syndrome and how it holds us back,” said Brent Smart, chief marketing officer at parent company IAG.

“CGU’s brand platform ‘Insuring Ambition’ demands ambitious ideas, like wanting to work with The Jim Henson Company, one of the best storytellers in the world. The level of craft and care they brought to this, in addition to that of our brilliant partners at Thinkerbell, really shows in the work.”

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