HSBC to help esports players and fans with financial wellness via One Esports partnership

Multinational bank HSBC has joined forces with One Esports to help esports players and fans with financial guidance in and outside games.

Both parties will launch this partnership in Malaysia and will see the bank become a partner for 10 of One Esports’ local esports tournaments, as well as a major event.

In addition, HSBC and One Esports want to address the difficulties esports players face when optimizing valuable assets, despite managing in-game resources being a key part of esports.

They aim to do this through content that will give esports players hints and tips to manage these assets in multiplayer online battle arena games. Separately, One Esports’ analytics and insights team will share the South East Asia esports community’s preferences and behavior’s related to financial services with HSBC.

“We are hugely excited to partner with One Esports and work together to help gamers, fans, and teams with their in-game and real-life financial fitness,” said Jonathan Castleman, global head of brand and brand partnerships at HSBC.

“Our wider partnership with One Esports will help us to learn about an industry that is growing fast, and that is increasingly important to many of our existing and future customers.”

Carlos Alimurung, the chief executive of One Esports, added: "One Esports is thrilled to unveil its partnership with global financial services giant HSBC. Esports has already achieved huge growth, and its potential continues to soar. HSBC has a proven track-record of helping individuals and businesses unlock opportunities, and this partnership can help us all reach new heights."