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By John Glenday | Reporter

February 7, 2022 | 2 min read

The Miller Brewing Company is teaching numerically challenged consumers a lesson by presenting definitive proof that 80 is greater than 64.

The tongue-in-cheek campaign has been spearheaded by Mischief on behalf of Miller64, the brewer’s super-light beer brand with the claim to fame that it contains just 64 calories – less than its 80-calorie rival Bud Light Next, which is being heavily promoted at the Super Bowl.

Inspired by a recent survey in which 7% of Americans thought 80 came before 64 on the number line, the advert enlists the services of mathematician Ken Ono to roll up his sleeves and sharpen his chalk to settle the matter once and for all.

With inspiring music, dramatic camera angles and a long list of Ono’s many accomplishments in the field, the po-faced commercial presents the mathematician with the question: is 80 a smaller number than 64?

Kevin Mulroy, executive creative director and partner at Mischief, says: ”Nobody ever told you that in order to watch your calorie intake you’d have to do so much math. So we thought we could help by hiring one of the world’s most brilliant mathematicians to do that part for you. It turns out the slightly more difficult thing for a beer ad to solve is your relationship with truth or objective reality.”

Ono affirmed: “I’ve seen a lot of complicated mathematical equations in my career, and worked to solve some of the most complex integer partitions and modular forms, but what I can’t understand is why anyone would think 80 is smaller than 64? I can confirm, 64 is most certainly smaller than 80.”

Miller’s calculated math riposte follows its ’Dry-ish January’ campaign courting New Year’s resolution drinkers with the lightest of beers.

Miller Lite has been on the receiving end of humorous digs at its own expense after The Late Show presenter Stephen Colbert took issue its announcement it would debut its Super Bowl ad in a virtual bar within the metaverse rather than on TV. The metaverse bar officially opens today at 8am ET.

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