By John Glenday | Reporter

February 4, 2022 | 2 min read

Virgin Media has launched an uplifting advertising campaign illustrating the power of inspiration to help overcome fear.

‘We’re better, connected – Skatergirl’ celebrates the power of connectivity in forging new relationships by telling the story of Aamira, a shy young skater befriended by a local skate crew.

The uplifting work focuses on the journey from being an outsider to becoming part of a group, with an initial tumble proving to be the perfect icebreaker in gaining acceptance from the skateboarding community.

Initially despondent after taking the fall, Aamira is shown back at home receiving a video of the incident. Initial fears that she is being trolled soon give way to joy as the skate crew overlay their laughter with the message ‘happens to everyone.’

Designed to show how life experiences make us stronger, the piece concludes with Aamira leaving the sidelines to be fully embraced as a crew member before banishing her demons and completing the ‘drop’ in style.

Virgin Media positions itself as the fastest fibre broadband provider in the UK, underpinning its role as the digital backbone of the country with the message ‘we’re better, connected.’

Utilizing music by Kullah, the one-minute piece follows previous Virgin Media messaging that celebrates the connective power of song.

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