By Amy Houston | Senior Reporter

February 2, 2022 | 2 min read

Ikea and meatballs (or plantballs) pretty much go hand in hand, and in a bid to make them more sustainable the Swedish retailer is calling on talented tech-savvy job applicants to join them for an interview with a twist.

Each interviewee will be encouraged to put forth their ideas while trying experimental never-before-served 3D-printed meatballs. ‘Taste the Future’ aims to entice a diverse and extraordinary range of candidates through a unique, (hopefully) tasty and thought-provoking interview for various roles.


The push comes as Ikea is predicted to open more than 150 technology and innovation roles across Europe, and is in line with its commitment to offer 50% plant-based main meals in its restaurants by 2025.

“Ikea is at the start of a journey to embrace data and technology to become more affordable, accessible and sustainable in an omnichannel environment,” said Pascal Pauwels, chief information officer at Inter Ikea Group.

“Naturally people with imagination will play a big role in that quest. So here we’re looking for people who want to create a better everyday life with us. This campaign is a great way to start the conversation.”


In the short film, viewers witness the printing process, which aims to recreate the texture, flavor and appearance of the Ikea meatball without the meat.

“We’re looking for down-to-earth data scientists, future architects, cyber guardians, unboxed engineers and common sense-makers,” added Karen Rivoire, employer brand leader at Ikea.

“People who want to co-create a better everyday life at home for the many with thin wallets.”

Ikea: Taste the Future by Ikea

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