Giving B2B buyers the connected, consultative experience

Today’s B2B buying experience is broken. For the past several years, revenue teams at most B2B businesses have been operating under the assumption that every customer comes to the table fully prepared with a list of needs and use cases after having done their own research.

As it turns out, a flood of information is just as bad as a drought. By putting pressure on buyers to self-educate, B2B businesses are losing out on deals by not taking responsibility for clearly and extensively explaining the value of their products and services. They are focused on turning prospects into external experts rather than creating internal experts who act as consultants that guide the buyer through a prescriptive process.

Instead of making assumptions about buyers and putting all the work on their plates, what B2B businesses actually need are empowered frontline teams who provide connected consultative experiences driven by strategic content operations that make for a new kind of buying experience for your customers.

Connecting the Consultative Experience by Robert Rose, best-selling author and founder of The Content Advisory, digs into the causes behind the buying experience myopia and the myth of the empowered buyer. It also offers a framework for how leading B2B companies can enable sales teams to create supportive buying experiences for customers that differentiate their brand and drive more business.

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