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Receptivity – not passion – is the key to sponsorship marketing


By Amar Singh | SVP Head of Content & Comms

January 25, 2022 | 3 min read

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In one of the largest global audience studies to date, MKTG Sports + Entertainment brings the first read of fans’ attitudes and behaviors since the start of the pandemic. Here’s what you need to know.

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Great activations begin with a strong understanding of people.

Audiences and consumer habits change all the time – driven largely by technological innovation.

Marketing strategies evolve with these changes, but have we ever known a period of greater change than the last two years? For it was exactly two years ago when we came to realize that a new virus emerging from China was likely to become a pandemic which would impact the world profoundly.

Lockdowns, social-distancing, facemasks, Zoom quizzes – our lexicon is filled with new terms that have rapidly become the norm while our day to day lives are unrecognizable compared to the start of the decade. As we approach what is hopefully the aftermath of such a turbulent period, marketeers require new strategies and need to be armed with the insights to make sense of the new world.

With significant changes in consumer behavior come significant opportunities, but with nations on differing timelines managing the pandemic, a one size fits all approach to global marketing and comms has never been more redundant.

MKTG Sports + Entertainment uses insights to understand fans and audiences to develop ideas, strategy and deliver the best sponsorship and partnership return for its clients. So naturally, it was keen to get the first global read on fans’ behaviors and attitudes since Covid-19 shifted the landscape.

Decoding 2022 brings together key learnings after surveying close to 25,000 fans across the globe. Attitudes have shifted in areas such as fans’ expectations of sponsors and the growth of purpose-driven marketing, while a younger generation of consumers, who have grown up with brands central to their passions and interests, is emerging.

Great activations begin with a strong understanding of people.

Without the insights it’s harder to make an impact.

Therefore, MKTG Sports + Entertainment has developed its own way of measuring the frequency and level of engagement of fans with sponsors. It calls this ‘Receptivity’ and through Decoding 2022, believes that it is receptivity – not passion – which is the key to sponsorship marketing success.

2022 will prove to be an exceptional year for sports and entertainment events, with fans returning to stadia in their droves and millions more engaging remotely.

The insights in Decoding 2022 will equip you with the knowledge you need to assess the new landscape and capitalize on this opportunity.

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Marketing Ad Spend Brand Purpose

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