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January 18, 2022 | 2 min read

Tesco’s data division Dunnhumby is to offer rival retailers the opportunity to improve their media capability with the launch of a one-stop-shop platform offering the ability to plan, book, measure and pay for campaigns online and in-store.

Dunnhumby Sphere is touted as an all-in-one solution for sell-side retailers wishing to maximize retail media revenues, with promised knock-on benefits for buy-side consumer packaged goods (CPG) advertisers and their agencies by bringing all aspects of their advertising under one roof.

The data-led platform utilizes automated workflows, artificial intelligence (AI) and measurement to inform collaboration between retailers, brands and agencies, streamlining all aspects of advertising from brand insights to campaign billing, slashing complexity and costs in the process.

Built around a set of modules (to be released in phases throughout the year), the platform permits clients to adjust audience targeting, media booking, forecasting and measurement on the fly, with Tesco naturally the first to benefit from the streamlined workflows, data science and customer measurement made possible by the tool.

Julie Jeancolas, head of media and customer engagement products at Dunnhumby, explained: “The retail media ecosystem is highly fragmented, making platforms difficult and expensive to develop. This often means that the value of data gets trapped, with some third-party data platforms serving unusable data to brands and agencies, which undermines the point of a self-service platform.

“Brands need a single point of access for all their measurement reporting to compare the relative performance of each channel, while retailers need a way to validate the long-term impact of retail media on the customer experience and sales.

“And that’s where Dunnhumby Sphere will make a real difference. It allows retailers to efficiently manage a complex ecosystem, unlocking the value of their data by making on-demand AI-based audiences easily accessible to CPGs, whilst still allowing the retailer to measure the true impact of media on their core business.”

Tracing its origins back to the development of the Tesco Clubcard in 1994, Dunnhumby underpins a closed-loop media and insight platform for Tesco as it fired the starting gun on a data arms race at the tail end of last year.

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