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The Drum Network Podcast: marketing to the marginalised

This episode is the capper to our Marketing and the Marginalised deep dive

In this episode of The Drum Network Podcast we discuss the progress (and lack of) our industry has made when it comes to marketing to the marginalised. From a lack of representation within brands and agencies to well-meaning but flawed approaches, there is still a lot of work to be done in order to create a genuinely inclusive strategy.

The Drum' senior reporter Chris Sutcliffe is joined by Jellyfish's Abigail Balfe, GottaBe's Tomasz Dyl and Ogilvy's Victoria Day in order to ask the question: 'are we making progress when it comes to marketing to the marginalised?'

From which brands are succeeding, to whether it is ever possible to market effectively without input from the people we are marketing to, this episode is a capper to The Drum's Marketing and the Marginalised deep dive.

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