The 3 essentials to profit from automated TV buying

The advertising industry is currently operating in a challenging environment featuring many unprecedented factors, all of which are producing a unique set of pressures on costs and efficiencies. In the face of declining revenues, the new mantra is to do more with less, to become faster, smarter, and more agile in response to adversity and thus continue to be profitable both in the short and the longer term.

As a result, new business processes are rapidly evolving that are designed not only for greater business efficiency but also to keep up with increasingly volatile market movements, both of which are crucial factors in maintaining profitability. In the conventional advertising industry workflow, for example, the critical stage of media buying, sitting at the juncture of advertiser, ad agency, and broadcaster as it does, is a prime candidate for transformative remodeling to maximize efficiency and effectiveness.

Download the whitepaper by completing your details below: This paper shows how automated media buying for linear TV can provide a powerful route to continued and sustained profitability for ad agencies and their associated stakeholders and how it features three essentials that contribute to its success:

  • Effective automation: improve your efficiency and scale your business

  • Optimization: increase your profits by optimizing media buys

  • Customer satisfaction: increase the value to your customers and meet your objectives faster, better and smarter

Before examining these in more detail, first the report looks at the challenges the industry is facing, the scale of the problems involved, and how some organizations are already pivoting towards new, more agile business practices to mitigate against them and remain profitable.