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Volkswagen hijacks Spotify Wrapped with electric playlist

Volkswagen has ensured its fleet of electric vehicles is music to the ears of Spotify listeners after sponsoring a themed takeover of the streaming service’s annual playlist of the year’s biggest hits.

Spotify Wrapped has become #Electricwrapped for the takeover, which powers an all-electric future today through choice songs such as Drake’s Charged Up, Katy Perry’s Electric and AC/DC’s High Voltage.

The purposeful twist on the annual musical round-up reaches the ears of millions as people readily share their personal most played tracks on social media, with celebrities such as Lin-Manuel Miranda, Ariana Grande and Chance the Rapper in the vanguard of this new tradition.

Volkswagen may seem an unlikely fit for this phenomenon but ‘A Year in Electric’ has provided the perfect opportunity for a spot of uptempo dance and electronica amid a diverse line-up of tracks linked to its Spotify account, which references green energy, electricity and the environment.

Alexis Bronstorph, co-chief creative officer at Taxi, said: “It’s always fantastic when a brand can put their mission into action. Volkswagen’s commitment to carbon net neutrality is more than just a statement. We can bring this to life in really fun ways, like getting in on something we all love to share – Spotify Wrapped.”

The curated playlist is being promoted across Volkswagen’s social channels and comes complete with luminous cover art by Montreal illustrator Oska that depicts a stylized view of a vehicle.

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