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By John Glenday, Reporter

November 30, 2021 | 2 min read

Pre-release publicity for Halo Infinite, Xbox’s Christmas killer app, invites gamers to awaken their inner hero by drawing inspiration from its faceless warrior main protagonist.

Halo Infinite: Become sees 215 McCann position Master Chief front and center of the sci-fi-adventure spectacular, described as a ‘spiritual reboot’ for the series by its developer 343 Studios.

The return of its mecha armored super-soldier marks a conscious recall of the traditional hero unburdened by self-doubt or personal demons, with simplistic pigeonholing of good and evil recalling a time before the rise of the modern anti-hero.

A feature-length film communicates these virtues to players before they pick up their controllers in earnest, establishing a rich history for the protagonist by detailing his lineage and acts of heroism through the ages from the earliest humans to the near future and beyond.

A short teaser titled ‘Carry On’ opens up this universe by teasing the preparations for a great battle, before inviting viewers to pick up their control pad and join the action for themselves.

A custom experience will dovetail with this activity, in which Master Chief will lower his visor for the first time to reveal the face of fans, who scan their features and map directly on to a customized character model, conveying the sentiment that ‘We are all Master Chief.’

This activity follows a partnership with Sky Sports in which professional footballers go controller-to-controller with YouTube influencers to see who is the greatest Halo hero of all.

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