Ad of the Day: Incoherent Gay Times ad affirms importance of T in LGBT+

Media brand Gay Times and creative agency Grey London have joined forces to create a hard-hitting campaign to show their support for the transgender community.

‘Incomplete Without The T’ is a direct response to increased transphobia and hate around the globe, and aims to showcase that if you erase the letter T from any word it won’t make sense – just like removing the T in LGBT+.

As the video plays, an incoherent robotic voice begins reading out various sentences that are all missing the letter T, making them predictably nonsensical and highlighting that when you erase a letter from any word, in any language, you remove both the comprehension and the unity behind it.

The campaign was launched during Transgender Awareness Week earlier this month to a live audience of celebrities and LGBT+ allies including Ellie Goulding, Jade Thirlwall, Will Young and Rina Sawayama.

“Trans people have led the way in LGBTQ+ rights from the Stonewall riots to our own rallies and direct actions here in the UK. To be trans today is to be faced with even more discrimination, hate and the potential for violence than many other areas of our community,” said Laura Jordan Bambach, president and chief creative officer at Grey London.

“So, it’s fundamentally important that we are never LGB without the T and we stand together to protect the hard-earned rights and acceptance we have, and those still to fight for. We’re incredibly proud to have launched this campaign with Gay Times at this vital time in our collective history.”

Spanning multi-platforms, the ad is part of Gay Times’ Amplifund philanthropic initiative, which aims to fund and increase the acceptance of LGBT+ communities around the world.

“We created Amplifund in partnership with the award-winning LGBTQ+ human rights charity GiveOut to amplify queer voices to global audiences and support LGBTQ+ activists around the world in their campaigning and media work,” noted Tag Warner, chief executive officer at Gay Times.

“With 2021 being the deadliest year on record for trans people, it is more important than ever for us as a business, and as a community, to stand with our trans brothers and sisters and reinforce the message – we are incomplete without the T.”

The work will be supported by out-of-home (OOH) billboards and social media posts, as well as partnerships with queer influencers and allies.

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