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How the next generation of CMOs are shaking up marketing for the better

How can CMOs transform the way marketing works for the better?

Customer champion, strategist, storyteller, frontline defender of the brand – the chief marketing officer (CMO) holds one of the most innovative and demanding roles in any organization.

But the last 18 months have put even more strain on senior marketing leaders as they stepped up to lead their teams through one of the most challenging, if not the most challenging, periods in business history.

Marketing strategies and plans were forced to pivot overnight and adapt to constantly changing, and completely unpredictable, market forces. At the same time many faced budget cuts and reduced headcount, alongside the challenge of managing entirely remote and dispersed teams.

Now, as marketers start to rebalance from the last 18 months, they are more acutely aware of the opportunities that have to transform the way marketing works for the better, according to a new survey of 1,100 senior marketers across Europe and Australia carried out by Adobe Workfront.

Among the report’s many findings, 99% of senior marketers aspire to be CMO with their biggest motivator being the opportunity to innovate and change marketing for the better (27%).

The report explores senior marketers’ vision for the future of marketing, the key attributes they expect to bring to the role of CMO as agents of change, digital-first, hybrid creatives and dexterous business leaders, their ambition to make change and improve the marketing ecosystem – and why existing CMOs need to step up and help their teams make those changes today.

Download the full report below now to better understand how tomorrow's CMOs can revitalize the marketing industry.

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