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Ad of the Day: Nike sparks mental health conversation with content series

Nike Mind Sets is a content series by AnalogFolk

Sportswear giant Nike has teamed up with global creative agency AnalogFolk to launch a content series called ‘Nike Mind Sets’ focusing on the topic of mental health.

The program aims to shift the focus from what you achieve to how you are feeling with features such as audio-guided walking or running coaching and a podcast about burnout.

Mental wellbeing is a huge topic, with many people around the world struggling to deal with its challenges. There have long been links made between movement, mental health and the positive effects that exercise can potentially have.

In partnership with Nike, AnalogFolk developed a platform to leverage the healing power of movement, with the focus shifting from ‘doing’ to ‘feeling’ instead. The campaign is intended to be a conversation starter and users are being encouraged to take the first step, which is asking yourself: ‘how are you feeling?’

Nike Mind Sets kicks off the series with the Trained podcast hosted by Jaclyn Byrer that discusses the subject of ‘burnout’ with Christina Maslach, PhD, who lays out six paths to lead to a healthy workplace environment.

Secondly, the brand is promoting the Nike Training Club, which offers ‘training for every body and mind.’ It aims to make your fitness habits stick with ‘quicker options, goal-setting tools and new content daily,’ and offers free guidance from favorite trainers, athletes and wellness experts.

In a post on LinkedIn, Nike’s digital marketer Manon Rossi said: “It usually takes extreme situations to normalize things. Let’s not wait to have burnout to start to consider the topic of mental health. What if we start to put mental health back to the place it deserves, right at the center of all conversation – for athletes, for employees, for every human being. Mental health is and should stay at the core of all our concerns. Let’s slow down for a minute, pause and observe. No need to rush, no need to over-perform.”

The global project is ongoing with more content being announced soon across the brand’s apps and social media channels.

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