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The Trade Desk embraces CTV advertising with Peacock partnership


By John Glenday | Reporter

November 19, 2021 | 3 min read

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Tech company The Trade Desk has added NBCUniversal’s on-demand streaming service Peacock to its connected TV platform, affording advertisers access to a trove of premium movies and shows.


The Trade Desk feathers its CTV advertising nest with Peacock

Marketers will be able to buy ad space alongside hit programs such as The Office and Parks and Recreation, not to mention NBC Sports, NBC and Sky News, NBC Next-Day Prime as well as Peacock originals including Lost Symbol and Girls5eva.

The move has been prompted by in-house research showing a seismic shift in television viewing in the US, where 47% of all viewers have canceled their cable plans in favor of streaming and 44% of those who remain plan to reduce or cancel their services in the coming year.

Where viewers go advertisers follow and there is now a scramble underway to reach these footloose audiences fragmented across a plethora of streaming platforms.

Tim Sims, chief revenue officer at The Trade Desk, said: “Television is going through a generational shift from linear to digital, accelerated by the global pandemic, and Peacock has been a case study in how broadcast leaders are adapting and leading in this new normal. CTV is one of the industry’s fastest-growing channels because marketers get to apply data-driven precision to their massive TV campaigns for the first time.”

Vinny Rinaldi, executive director of investment and activation at media agency Wavemaker, adds: “We’re pleased to see premium Peacock content on the platform as CTV continues to expand. Activating our Peacock investments programmatically through The Trade Desk will enable our clients to use the power of their first-party data combined with the power of The Trade Desk’s technology to make the most informed decisions to engage with audiences.”

Launched last year, Peacock is NBCUniversal’s bet that there is still a place for television adverts in the streaming era.

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