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November 19, 2021 | 3 min read

What do a student creative virtual exhibition, teamwork and personalized digital programmatic print have in common? It turns out these three things combined were essential elements that played a part in the success of The Drum and Canon’s ‘Class of 2021’ project with a purpose.

Class of 2021 video: The making of – part 2

Class of 2021 video: The making of – part 2

Following the launch of part one last week – which introduced viewers to key participants who benefited from the Class of 2021 project – in part two of the docuseries, we peek behind the curtain of how this project was brought to life delving into the technology that helped drive the user experience (UX), the personalized print journey and the different mechanics used along the way.

The Drum’s co-founder and editor-in-chief Gordon Young talks to Walter Young, marketing program manager, EMEA CP marketing at Canon, to learn more about the technology, process and Canon CP Professional Services support that went on in the background to ensure the programmatic print aspect of the campaign tied everything together seamlessly.

Combining two different types of technology – customer relationship management (CRM) and the capacity to produce personalized digital print in real-time – this video looks at the integration between data from CRMs, based on the recipient’s browsing patterns and geo-location, and how that was used to trigger personalized printed assets that could be delivered to the different users.

Filmed on location at Severn’s printing facilities, we hear from the team behind the digital printing element of the project, who explain how the processes and automations enabled what was a very complex job with a tight turnaround to be simple and efficient – delivering 2,800 individual, personalized postcards to visitors of the Class of 2021 exhibition and bridging the gap between online browsing activities and printed, QR-code enabled assets to drive action.

Gordon Young also shares insights on The Drum’s experience throughout the project – and explains how it touched every part of the business, from editorial to data, web development, marketing and print production teams.

Watch part 2 of ‘Class of 2021: the making of’ above.

Missed part 1? Don’t worry, you can catch up here.

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