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Bacardi banishes winter chills by bringing a taste of the Caribbean to Lapland

Bacardi banishes winter chills by bringing the Caribbean to Lapland

Bacardi is inviting audiences to get into the Christmas spirit with a climatic mash-up that transfuses the warm island vibes of the Caribbean with the frigid North Pole.

The festive ’Winter Summerland’ campaign marries both climate extremes in a series of three ad vignettes that transport viewers to fantastical landscapes of warm snow and copious rum to take a ’holiday from the holidays’.

Each 15-second spot features the barman/DJ main character pedaling a cocktail cart through a wintery landscape, pumping out banging beats and transforming the snow-draped scenes into an island beach party as he goes.

In ’Ice Domes’, the cyclist is shown navigating a treacherous icy beach lined by igloos, only for his pedaling to shake the snow loose and reveal revelers dancing under colorful beach umbrellas.

With ’Trees’, the barman is shown cycling his sound system through a forest of snow-laden pine trees, only for the bass vibrations to shake the snow loose and reveal a palm grove propping up guests reclining in hammocks as they sup Bacardi.

In ’Chalet’, our barman is shown visiting a frosty ski chalet, only for the ’Sound of Rum’ to shake loose a recent dusting of snow to reveal a beach bungalow filled with party goers.

Ned Duggan, global senior vice-president for Bacardi Rum, said: “Following this past year, Bacardi knew this was the perfect moment to unveil something a bit unexpected – a holiday campaign to close out 2021 with a snowy, yet delightfully cheerful and sunny, ‘Winter Summerland.’

“This new campaign is meant to instill a sense of spontaneity into the holidays, reinventing how we approach the holiday season. We hope this new campaign, as well as our other holiday initiatives, spark joy and inspire people to consider rum with their loved ones as they celebrate this holiday season.”

Conceived by BBDO New York, the campaign will run through to the end of the year across Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat, YouTube, Pandora, Soundcloud, iHeart Radio and national TV.

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