Ad of the Day: Chipotle unearths sequel to 2012 Cannes Lions winner ‘Back To The Start’

A decade on from the release of ‘Back to the Start’, which won the Grand Prix for Branded Content and Entertainment at Cannes Lions in 2012, Mexican fast-food chain Chipotle has unveiled its sequel.

The new animated film ‘A Future Begins’, created by Observatory Agency, shines a light on the enormous challenges facing the US farming industry today. Directed by Nexus Studios' Johnny Kelly, the stop-motion short follows the story of a family-run farming business' remarkable revival through the help of sustainable growing practices and the introduction of new technology.

In the emotionally charged ad, we see a young child heading off to college and leaving his family farm behind him. Over the years ultimately the farm is put up for sale at the same time as the young boy is struggling to find his own calling in life. Ultimately, the main character realizes his true duty and returns to the family home and saves the business.

“Back to the Start was an iconic moment in advertising almost a decade ago, serving as the brand’s first-ever national TV ad,” said Chris Brandt, chief marketing officer at Chipotle.

“While Chipotle’s values remain unchanged, the urgency behind our efforts to revitalize farming has only intensified. ‘A Future Begins’ opens the next chapter in our mission to make real change for the future of real food.”

To amplify the film's message of regeneration, Grammy award-winning singer Kacey Musgraves has reimagined Coldplay’s 'Fix You' as the score to the film.

“I truly believe in supporting family-run businesses. I come from a family of small business owners myself where I’m from down in Texas,” said Musgraves.

“I know that the American farm has faced a huge range of challenges over the last decade that threaten its survival, and the future of farming depends on supporting that next generation of young farmers. To be able to reimagine such a classic song while supporting an amazing cause with Chipotle really means a lot to me.”

The film will premiere on TV during Thanksgiving Day (Nov 25) during the NFL’s Raiders versus Cowboys game on CBS. Also, for a limited time, Chipotle will display a QR code that links to ‘A Future Begins’ on stickers that will be added to digital orders.

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