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November 18, 2021 | 8 min read

True won the Chair’s Award, as well as ‘Best Use of Emotion in B2B Marketing’ and the ‘B2B Print or Illustration or Imagery’ category at The Drum Awards for B2B in 2021. This campaign for paper suppliers Mondi put the premium Pergraphica range front and center, connecting emotionally with its audience. Here, the team behind the entry outlines how it boosted sales a remarkable 35% in a sector experiencing an overall decline.

In 2015, Mondi launched a new uncoated Design Paper range Pergraphica. A ‘Premium Offset’ paper, it was developed to compete against well-known competitor brands, the likes of Gmund, Munken et al, by offering superior print quality, haptics, optics and with a wide portfolio for any creative need.

However, awareness of Pergraphica amongst its target audience of printers, designers and creative agencies, was still low with Mondi relying on purely rational product benefits. They required a memorable campaign that would stand out and drive engagement.

Research and planning identified three fundamental truths: Brand partnerships are an effective way of generating fame and increasing engagement. Print adds a physical dimension to digital creations: evoking an additional human sense - touch. Choosing the right paper is critical to ensuring creativity shines in an analogue world.

We launched ‘Catching Feels’ a fully integrated campaign and set of high-quality, aspirational marketing tools, to demonstrate the diversity and versatility of Pergraphica. By partnering with creative and tech giant Adobe Stock we were able to increase our reach, raise awareness and improve brand reputation.

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Business Challenges & Campaign Objectives

In 2015, Mondi launched a new uncoated design paper range Pergraphica. A “Premium Offset” paper, it was developed to compete against well-known competitor brands, the likes of Gmund, Munken et al, by offering superior print quality, haptics, optics and with a wide portfolio for any creative need. However, to date awareness of Pergraphica amongst its core target audience of printers, designers and creative agencies, was still low with Mondi relying on purely rational product benefits.

Business objectives: Grow Mondi’s share of the design paper market and transform Pergraphica from a challenger brand to one of the market leaders.

Marketing objectives: Raise awareness, stand out and differentiate from the competition to ensure the brand is increasingly top of mind for our audience when specifying uncoated fine design paper.

Communication objectives: Communicate and engage our audience on an emotional level, making decision makers feel intrigued while demonstrating the creative possibilities that can be achieved with Pergraphica.

Mondi needed a memorable campaign that could stand out, raise awareness and drive engagement; however the biggest challenge was the campaign was being launched during one of the toughest economic climates ever, with the global paper market witnessing a 20% decline in sales.

Insights & Strategy

“You can talk about who you are as a brand all day long but having those partnerships to authenticate that message is really critical for every brand.” Swave Szymczyk, Adidas

Without a significant media budget, our strategy needed to be pin-point and work hard to generate awareness. Research from MediaCom found partnerships were twice as effective as advertising at driving brand metrics. Investing in them drove reach and ‘fame’ metrics, such as buzz around the brand. This was an effective strategy for 4 of the top 10 WARC 100 campaigns in 2018, which are the most awarded globally for effectiveness.

Catching Feelings

The Big Idea

In looking for the right brand partner it was essential to have a shared audience, complimentary offerings, and a partnership that could enhance reputations and perceptions. For Pergraphica, who target printers, agencies and designers, we needed to find a brand its audience would know, trust and love, while keeping true to its purpose.

Adobe Stock is powered by creatives, for creatives. The digital platform also launched in 2015, with the aim of making it easy to find the perfect high-res, royalty free, stock images to enhance creative projects right inside the Adobe Creative Cloud, inspiring creatives to ‘make something amazing’. Pergraphica’s mission is much the same, but for an analogue world. Their shared values of helping to inspire creatives to unleash their full potential, made for the perfect collaboration. As our core audience have a strong tie with Adobe, it was a no-brainer.

Through a perfect digital to analogue partnership, we showcased how striking photography could leap off the page, with precision and perfection. Featuring contributors from the Adobe Stock Premium Collection, ‘Catching Feels’ (meaning to fall in love) takes us on a sensory journey through six feelings, as emotive visuals are enhanced through different print and finishing techniques.


To ensure we were engaging with our audience across multiple touchpoints, Catching Feels was a fully integrated campaign right across the funnel from awareness to conversion, including press ads, banners, webinars, teaser videos, six featured artist videos, a launch video, social posts, blogs, podcasts, sales enablement guides, sales sheets, flyers, post cards, mailers, notebooks, stationery, emails, web pages and more.


Our hero asset was the Lookbook. Featuring over 300 carefully selected images, across 107 pages, 53 with special finishing techniques, using 16 paper types, six feelings and featured artists, and four different printing technologies, it is a complex book demonstrating the superior performance of Pergraphica paper.

To let the audience into the world of Pergraphica, the campaign included a ‘making-of’ film, with footage of the book being printed and finished, with interviews from Mondi and Adobe. To ensure we had joined up journeys, and continuing with Mondi’s motto ‘creatives inspiring creatives’, we invited each featured artist to film their own video that told us more about their work, their passions, drivers and what creatively inspires them. Supporting the ‘digital to analogue’ approach, these were accessible via QR codes within the book, and promoted on social media.


By partnering with Adobe Stock, we were not only able to improve reach and raise brand awareness, but the campaign also increased sales volumes by 35% and EBIT by 244% during one of the toughest economic climates ever, where the market was witnessing a 20% decline in sales.

  • Increased unprompted brand awareness from 4% to 53% (IGEPA, 2020)

  • +244% increase in EBIT

  • +67% increase in page views

  • +35% increase in sales volume (while market was down by 20%)

  • 334% ROI in three months

  • 4.5M+ reach on Facebook and Instagram

  • 200k+ video views – +2,705% VS. most viewed videos of any Mondi brand

  • Monthly leads volume increased by +125% since campaign launch

Caught Feelings – Feedback from Customers

  • “Very inspiring campaign that made me fall in love with Pergraphica again”

  • “The new tools are amazing – very inspiring and well thought through”

  • “The teaser video gave me goosebumps – pure emotions”

  • “It‘s just spot on!”

  • “The sales enablement guide will help us a lot to navigate through the lookbook – great to have an audio version too”

  • “Amazing what Mondi has created here”

  • “This is an inspiring campaign – with this Mondi, is much better than Munken. You will get a lot of interest from designers”

  • “The campaign perfectly combines anlogue and digital assets – it has everything a campaign needs to have”

  • “I’m in love”


Brand Building

In partnering with Adobe, we were able to extend our communications beyond Mondi’s customers and prospects and reach a much wider audience, gaining access to a huge number of designers, art directors and agencies, aligning ourselves through a shared vision and mission. The campaign also connected emotionally at the awareness phase and took our audience on a journey to product and sales enquiries, with carefully tailored content and messages. We also ensured that we included sales enablement content to help internal stakeholders drive the message forward. It was this combination that achieved broad awareness and accelerated growth in the marketplace.

This campaign was a winner at The Drum Awards for B2B. To find out more, including which competitions are currently open for entry, visit The Drum Awards website.

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