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MyRepublic allows employees to choose to work from anywhere for a month every year

There will be an employee-led recognition program that allows employees across the organization

Singapore-based telco MyRepublic has announced it has revamped how its employees will work to prepare for the post-pandemic world of remote and hybrid work.

The new initiatives will see the introduction of new workplace practices, which includes flexible hybrid working options and a work-from-anywhere for a month initiative, and a personal well-being day once a quarter to allow employees to take time off to recharge, connect and explore their passions

MyRepublic will also introduce “Beyond Work”, a personalized wellbeing tag that allows employees to share and celebrate their personal wellness strategies and passions with each other and their customers.

In addition, there will be an employee-led recognition program that allows employees across the organization to show their gratitude to each other.

“The pandemic has upended the way we think about work so rather than try to mitigate the challenges it has presented, we have decided to use this disruption to rethink and revolutionize our company culture and ways of working. Like so many others, we know our employees have been grappling with the challenges of managing competing work and life priorities, Covid fatigue, and social and mental health issues,” said Deborah Woollard, chief people officer at MyRepublic.

“Our new values compass signals our commitment to creating a culture which not only acknowledges these challenges but proactively enables our employees to make personal choices around when, where, and how they work. We want our employees to feel empowered to work in ways that respect and support their individual and family needs as well as enable them to do their very best work. We believe that ensuring our employees are happy, healthy, and thriving will be the key to our success and continued growth.”

A recent survey found that more than eight in 10 workers in Singapore who are returning to the office have said that flexible work arrangements are important to them.

They prefer a flexible working arrangement – close to six in 10 (59%) would prefer a hybrid mix of working in the office and from home; just over two in 10 (21%) would prefer to work from home full time, and two in 10 (20%) would prefer to work in an office full time.

They cited positive benefits from working from home, including increased work-life balance, improved personal relationships and better physical and mental health.

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